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Terracotta Terra India


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Terracotta Terra India
Terracotta Terra India

A tanned complexion all year round thanks to the Terracotta Poudre Terra India by Guerlain

Now that fall is beginning to show its way, we wish we could keep our golden summer complexion until the warmer weather arrives. Unfortunately, this one often fades much faster than it happened! Fortunately for us, Guerlain developed a bronzer several years ago capable of giving us a luminous and radiant complexion in two strokes of the brush. Terracotta has become a true emblem of the make-up department. Also, on the occasion of the release of the Make-up Collection , Guerlain decided to revisit it to make a Terracotta Poudre Terra India. Focus on this new product with a very oriental inspiration.

Terracotta, a must-have product from Guerlain

Before telling you about this new product, how about immersing yourself in the history of Guerlain Terracotta? Indeed, even if most current bronzing powders have borrowed this name, the “real” Terracotta is indeed the product of the Guerlain house. It was created in 1984 and is directly inspired by a trip to the heart of a desert. Thus, this is a product that seems to have captured all the reflections of the sun to put them on the skin of women. Terracotta is an absolute myth, concentrated in charm and femininity. It is a global must-have and is today one of the best-selling beauty products in the world. Moreover, Guerlain plays with it and declines it in all sauces, in different shades, in the form of a foundation, a tan extender, a tan accelerator, a kohl, a bronzing powdery mist, a tinted fresh water for the face or even an eau de toilette. Well, know that a new kid will come to complete this big family. This one is called Terracotta Poudre Terra India and appears to us on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, at the heart of the Make Up Holiday 2016 Collection.

The new Terracotta Powder Terra India

The Terracotta Powder Terra Indiawas created in collaboration with Olivier Echaudemaison, artistic director of Guerlain and Natalia Vodianova, a Russian model who served as a figure for the iconic Shalimar perfume for eight years and is one of the most famous models on the planet. This unprecedented collaboration was directly inspired by a trip to the heart of the Orient to pass it on to us in the form of beauty products. Thus, the new Terracotta Powder Terra India is naturally tinted with a tanning haze but is enriched with fine gold flakes. Thanks to her, you will shine like an Indian princess! Likewise, this powder has been compressed while being embellished with an Indian design nestled in the heart of a unique blue case. Finally, the last detail that is important, the Terracotta Poudre Terra India is enriched with an absolutely exquisite fragrance. This opens with a flight of bergamot and mandarins before evolving into a floral heart containing jasmine, gardenia and ylang-ylang. The honeysuckle, meanwhile, gives more lightness to the whole before the whole thing fades into a hint of wood and vanilla.

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