BrandTerracotta Summer Glow, a new illuminator from Guerlain

Terracotta Summer Glow, a new illuminator from Guerlain


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Terracotta Summer Glow, a new illuminator from Guerlain
Terracotta Summer Glow, a new illuminator from Guerlain

The new Terracotta gold glow powder and illuminator

Terracotta appeared in the world of beauty when cosmetics brands mainly offered very opaque make-up products. At that moment, she revolutionized the world of beauty, offering a new style of make-up, all in lightness and much more natural. It is undoubtedly this spirit of initiative which has earned it its immense success. Today, Terracotta remains one of Guerlain’s bestsellers . This sun powder recreates the illusion of a tan in just a few seconds, enough to delight many women. Today, its formula is transformed and becomes Terracotta Summer Glow, a concentrate of radiance.

This year 2018 Guerlain offers us a wide range of new Terracotta powders, including Terracotta sous les Palmiers, which will certainly be one of the best-selling sun powder.

Terracotta Summer Glow, the essential to give your face radiance

The Terracotta Summer Glow Guerlain is a new product which refers to bronzing powders but appears more golden highlights. Its formula is made up of extremely fine mother-of-pearl. The latter capture the light and return it, giving the effect of skin satiny by the sun. This highlighter is ideal for the summer season and sublimates your tan. Its colored pigments avoid having a dull complexion and radiate the freshness of your skin surface. Thanks to Terracotta Summer Glow, the appearance of each skin is preserved and the contours of your face are perfectly highlighted.

Guerlain takes us on a journey to an exotic land

To immerse us in an ever more intoxicating and exotic universe, Guerlain has also made use of its talents as a perfumer. Thus, the formula of Terracotta Summer Glow is enriched with an intoxicating and soothing scent. It recreates the sensation of an enveloping cocoon of ylang-ylang and orange blossom. Tonka bean and vanilla only increase its solar side. Finally, a touch of white musks sublimates the whole and adds a refreshing sweetness.

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