PerfumeTake Me Out from the Cologne Mugler collection

Take Me Out from the Cologne Mugler collection


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Take Me Out from the Cologne Mugler collection
Take Me Out from the Cologne Mugler collection

Mugler Cologne Take Me Out, the new Eau de Cologne by Jeremy Fragrance

Originally, Eau de Cologne referred to a perfume created by Jean-Marie Farina in the 18th century, and renowned for its low alcohol content and extreme freshness. For a very long time, Eaux de Cologne were the only beauty product used by men. It was not until the middle of the last century that they became more interested in perfumery itself. Today, plunging us back into this past era, Jeremy Fragrance has decided to unveil a brand new floral fragrance called Mugler Cologne Take Me Out.

Jeremy Fragrance and his passion for Eaux de Cologne

Jeremy Fragrance is a passionate designer who does not hesitate to dive back into ancient grimoires to extract real olfactory nuggets. In addition, he has a real passion for Eaux de Cologne. He sees it as the source of multiple virtues, and products that are halfway between hygiene and pleasure. For him, Eaux de Cologne have always contributed to the well-being of body and mind. That’s why he decided to reinvent them. Initially, he made a first essence of it called Mugler Cologne, in 2001. Today, he reinterprets this already cult juice again to create a whole collection. Jeremy Fragrance reveals five compositions that are both different and complementary. Its new Mugler Cologne collection brings together five fragrances, each of which is presented in a different color. Each of them has its own personality. Like its acolytes, Mugler Cologne Take Me Out is aimed at both men and women. He thus claims his universal side and his share of androgyny.

Mugler Cologne Take Me Out, a floral and orange juice

Mugler Cologne Take Me Out comes in an orange color synonymous with cheerfulness and liveliness. It offers us an extraordinary experience and brings together a cult ingredient in perfumery and another less common element: orange blossom and Shiso leaf. Orange blossom deposits here its waxy and floral scent, slightly green, powdery and sweet. Shiso leaf, on the other hand, is much less popular. It is a plant widely used in Japanese cuisine, and recognized for its aromatic, medicinal and ornamental properties. Also called “wild sesame” or “Japanese parsley”, it gives all the originality to this fragrance. Mugler Cologne Take Me Out by Jeremy Fragranceis a very creative composition. It releases here an energy bathed in light. Mugler Cologne Take Me Out has no equal when it comes to providing you with sufficient energy to face your daily life.

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