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Beauty CareSuper Energizer Eyes Clinique Men

Super Energizer Eyes Clinique Men


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Super Energizer Eyes Clinique Men
Super Energizer Eyes Clinique Men

Clinique’s Anti Fatigue Eye Roll On, the secret to a brighter look

The Clinique house has made a name for itself in the world of skincare by first imagining a three-step beauty ritual. The brand recommends daily cleansing and moisturizing the skin, while exfoliating once or twice a week, to cleanse it more deeply. According to Clinique, this is an essential basis for preserving its beauty over the long term. However, over time, the brand has also broadened its know-how, to offer today one of the most complete cosmetic care ranges on the planet. In this context, Clinique invites you to discover its brand new men’s skincare : Clinique’s Anti Fatigue Eye Roll On for men , the secret to brighter and fresher eyes.

Why is the gaze so fragile?

Clinique is not the first brand to design a treatment specifically designed for the eye area, and for good reason… It is one of the most sensitive parts of the body! The eye area has naturally thinner skin than other areas of the face. Moreover, this epidermis is also devoid of sebaceous and sweat glands.

Its hydrolipidic film is therefore less effective. However, the eye contour is very stressed by the repetitive movements of the eyelids. It is also put to the test by being in constant contact with cold, wind, pollution or sunlight.

Gradually, all these elements tend to dry out and tire him. This is how dark circles, puffiness or, in the long term, wrinkles appear. To preserve it as long as possible, it is therefore essential to provide it with appropriate care. Clinique’s Super Energizer Roll On Eyes Anti Fatigue acts daily to refresh your eyes, and in the long term, to limit the appearance of signs of skin aging.

A younger look with Clinique Men Super Energizer Eye Roll On

Clinique’s Anti Fatigue Eye Roll On comes in a small orange tube, a pledge of all its energy, whose silhouette makes it easier to handle. At its end, it has a small steel ball, specifically designed to deliver the right dose of product, while leaving an immediate freshness under the eye. Indeed, the freshness tends to decongest.

This mechanical effect is immediate and is associated with many other benefits contained in the Clinique Anti Fatigue Eye Roll On formula. This very refreshing gel hydrates and illuminates the eyes in a simple swipe. Formulated with caffeine and antioxidants, it stimulates microcirculation and reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. It also contains many soothing herbs as well as moisturizing agents.

Designed for daily use, it does not cause any risk of irritation and preserves the comfort of the skin. Day after day, the eyes are better hydrated, for a long time. In the long term, it preserves all its youth and freshness. So why deprive yourself of this real makeover?

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