BrandSuper Aqua Serum, when Guerlain reappropriates the benefits of...

Super Aqua Serum, when Guerlain reappropriates the benefits of water


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Super Aqua Serum, when Guerlain reappropriates the benefits of water
Super Aqua Serum, when Guerlain reappropriates the benefits of water

As everyone knows, water is one of the most precious natural elements. Indeed, the latter is the source of life and is considered by many to be a true blue gold. Guerlain has also decided to take inspiration from its benefits and put them in a bottle to enhance your skin. Thus, the Super Aqua Serum has a real moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and plumping effect.

The benefits of Super Aqua Serum

The Aqua Serum range was created 25 years ago. Nevertheless, each of Guerlain’s products evolves with the times, with technological advances. Thus, the Super Aqua Serum reinvents itself and today offers the skin a new power of anti-wrinkle hydration. In addition, research by the house of Guerlain has made it possible to purify cellular water and restart its flow of hydration. Thus, the epidermis regains a second youth and seems as radiant as on the first day. Thanks to the Super Aqua Serum, the evaporation of water in the heart of the skin cells is slowed down. The latter is retained in the heart of the fibers thanks to the fixing effect of hyaluronic acid. Likewise, the water mattress is re-inflated, guaranteeing the rebound of your skin.

The immediate and lasting results of Guerlain products

The Super Aqua Serum procure a sensation of immediate hydration. Satisfaction tests have shown that 92% of women instantly feel their skin softer and more supple. They say they feel less tight. 75% of them also see their face smoothed. What’s more, after a month of using Super Aqua Serum, 94% of users report a brighter, smoother and more radiant skin, while 88% of women find their skin plumped. The Super Aqua Serum alone combines the dual benefits of hydration and an anti-aging product. Thanks to it, your skin regains a second youth while retaining its natural beauty. In other words, the Super Aqua Serum is a true blue gold bottled inspired by the most precious of nature’s ingredients.

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