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Beauty CareSuper Aqua Light Emulsion, a moisturizing and natural treatment...

Super Aqua Light Emulsion, a moisturizing and natural treatment created by Guerlain


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Super Aqua Light Emulsion, a moisturizing and natural treatment created by Guerlain
Super Aqua Light Emulsion, a moisturizing and natural treatment created by Guerlain

Guerlain’s Super Aqua Light Emulsion, a hydration concentrate

Day after day, the skin faces all kinds of attacks. Acting as a real shield, it acts permanently against external elements such as the sun, pollution, cold or wind. However, over time, these external events tend to weaken it. This is especially true when the skin is not properly hydrated. Drier, it becomes more sensitive and marks prematurely, revealing the first wrinkles. As you will have understood, to preserve your skin youth over the long term, it is essential to hydrate your face well. It is therefore precisely in this sense that Super Aqua Emulsion Légère from Guerlain works .

Super Aqua Light Emulsion, a moisturizing treatment

Super Aqua Light Emulsion is a treatment that is used in prevention against wrinkles or even when they are already installed. Merging with the skin, this emulsion hydrates it durably in order to correct the first visible signs of aging. More specifically, its formula offers many hours of hydration and comfort. Suitable for all skin types, it does not attack the face but refreshes it, unifies it and gives it more radiance. It protects it from tightness and leaves no greasy feeling behind. Respectful of all skin types, Guerlain’s Super Aqua Light Emulsion adapts to the skin’s natural pH. Finally, know that this is just as much a product designed for men as for women.

The natural active ingredients used by Guerlain

Concerned about the well-being of your body and that of the planet, the Guerlain house has chosen to use mainly ingredients of plant origin. 97% of the elements composing the Super Aqua Light Emulsion are natural, in accordance with the ISO16128 standard. The remaining 3% are used to optimize its formula over time and to offer it better sensoriality. The Aquacomplex Advanced technology used by Guerlain in Super Aqua Light Emulsion serves to better hydrate and protect the face from dehydration. Here, she combines it with an AquaBiotic system that targets the skin ecosystem to durably fortify your face. Its objective is thus to better preserve it on a daily basis and to make it more beautiful and radiant with life.

The proven results of Super Aqua Light Emulsion

Of course, like all Guerlain skincare products, Super Aqua Emulsion Légère has taken advantage of a whole host of tests to prove its effectiveness. However, these benefits are palpable from its first application. Over the next 24 hours, Super Aqua Light Emulsion smooths the skin by 16% and increases hydration by 56%. Of course, the effectiveness of this treatment is only increasing day by day. After a week of daily application, skin radiance is increased by 18%. In just four weeks, 91% of women and men who tested this product say that their face is more beautiful, more radiant, more toned and more homogeneous.

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