Beauty CareSuper Aqua Emulsion Riche: the new skincare product from...

Super Aqua Emulsion Riche: the new skincare product from Guerlain


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Super Aqua Emulsion Riche: the new skincare product from Guerlain
Super Aqua Emulsion Riche: the new skincare product from Guerlain

Guerlain’s Super Aqua Emulsion Riche, to take care of dehydrated skin

Over time, it is inevitable, the skin becomes dull, loses its suppleness and radiance, and allows the first wrinkles to set in. However, several elements further amplify this phenomenon. Among them, one of the most important concerns skin dehydration. To make your skin more beautiful and younger lastingly, it is absolutely essential to hydrate it deeply. This is precisely why the Super Aqua Emulsion Riche from the Guerlain brand was designed , a new generation plant-based treatment, intended for both men and women.

Guerlain’s Super Aqua Emulsion Riche, a highly hydrating natural treatment

Super Aqua Emulsion Riche benefits from the latest scientific advances. However, this is a product that almost exclusively uses natural products. 97% of the materials used in the composition of Super Aqua Emulsion Riche are of plant origin. The remaining 3% serve to improve the texture and sensoriality of this treatment, in accordance with the ISO16128 standards in force. These elements here give birth to a very advanced technology. Guerlain’s Aquacomplex Advanced promotes water flow in the skin to better hydrate it and protect it from the risk of dehydration. The AquaBiotic system, for its part, targets the skin surface to better fortify it and protect it from aggressions on a daily basis. Day after day, Super Aqua Emulsion Riche makes the face more beautiful and more supple. Long-term, this product strengthens the skin barrier to preserve all its youth. Finally, note that this is a treatment with a natural pH, therefore suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Moreover, even though it is a very rich treatment, Guerlain’s Super Aqua Emulsion instantly penetrates the heart of the cells and leaves no greasy or sticky sensation behind. Only a pleasant feeling of comfort and freshness remains.

How to properly use Super Aqua Emulsion Riche?

Super Aqua Rich Emulsioncan be used on clean, dry skin, at the rate of two applications per day, in the morning and in the evening. This treatment is presented in a very elegant blue and gold pump-bottle, perfectly anchored in the Guerlain spirit. To deliver the right dose of product, all you need to do is press its pump. From the first application, Super Aqua Emulsion Riche demonstrates its effectiveness. It delivers 67% more hydration in just 24 hours. The skin, on the other hand, is 23% smoother. After seven days of daily application, Super Aqua Emulsion Riche offers 34% more nutrition and 19% more luminosity. Of course, the effectiveness of Super Aqua Emulsion Riche reaches its peak in four weeks of treatment. 80% of men and women surveyed find their skin more beautiful after this period.

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