Beauty CareSublimage de Chanel, the anti-aging range

Sublimage de Chanel, the anti-aging range


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Sublimage de Chanel, the anti-aging range
Sublimage de Chanel, the anti-aging range

Chanel Global Anti-Aging treatments, allies for better aging

Today, aging is no longer seen as a problem in itself. Indeed, advances in medicine, but also research in cosmetology, have made it possible to take a big step forward in the art of aging better. As Edouard Mauvis Jarvis, scientific director of luxury products and Dior cosmetics, explains: “the idea is to support the skin in a global way, by proposing formulas that are both preventive and curative, which will act on all parameters. of the beauty of the skin and will help to convey a positive image. The objective age of the consumer, basically, it doesn’t matter. This is also the aim of the Global Anti-Aging care products from the house of Chanel .

The different Sublimage creams from Chanel

The Chanel Global Anti-Aging range consists of three Sublimage creams. The classic creamis enriched with molecules of planifolia, a rare and powerful ingredient obtained from a fruit and with the extreme regenerating power. This product to be applied daily promises to restore all its strength, vitality and perfection to the skin. Thus, the epidermis is ideally hydrated, comfortable throughout the day, regaining all its firmness and elasticity. What’s more, these effects are visible to the naked eye. Age-related spots are reduced and skin texture is refined while the complexion is unified. What’s more, note that this cream exists in a Supreme version, even richer and more concentrated, enveloping and creamy like silk velvet. Finally, in order to target more particularly the areas around the eyes, more prone to expression lines, Chanel has also developed a cream dedicated to this part of the face.

Complementary care

However, Chanel did not stop at the development of these three creams. Complementary care has also emerged. The Supreme lotion offers a highly concentrated formula, particularly regenerating, rebalancing and rehydrating. The extract, for its part, constitutes a restorative cure with proven and highly reconstructive effects in just four weeks. The Global Anti-Aging fluid makes the skin smoother and considerably reshapes the contour of the face. The mask, meanwhile, provides a real treatment worthy of a beauty institute. Relaxing and nourishing, it plumps up and restores radiance to the epidermis. Clinical evaluations report its immediate effects after application: + 55% hydration, + 30% radiance, + 41% skin suppleness and + 42% softness. Finally, the Global Anti-Aging range is also enhanced with UV protection. Indeed, the latter are the main cause of the anticipated aging of the epidermis. It is therefore advisable to avoid prolonged exposure but also to protect the skin on a daily basis. Likewise, Chanel offers a make-up remover to complement this particularly rich and remarkably effective skincare range.

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