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BrandDieselSpirit of The Brave, the new Diesel perfume with...

Spirit of The Brave, the new Diesel perfume with Neymar


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Spirit of The Brave, the new Diesel perfume with Neymar
Spirit of The Brave, the new Diesel perfume with Neymar

Spirit of The Brave, when Diesel and Neymar unite to create a highly anticipated fragrance!

It was on his Instagram account that footballer Neymar announced the news at the end of April: “I am very proud to announce my first perfume in co-creation with Diesel. Hope you like it ”. Indeed, in this year 2019, Diesel wanted to strike a big blow, celebrating for the occasion the 10 years of creation of the famous perfume Only The Brave . By offering the services of the world star Neymar, Diesel is already offering itself a universal reach, including a popularity clearly displayed among millennials. Its new juice is called Spirit of The Brave and is presented as a symbol of courage and daring. So what about this fragrance already considered one of the most anticipated creations of 2019?

Neymar, active participation in the creation of Spirit of The Brave

Between advertising and athletes, it’s a great love story. Many athletes participate in the promotion of products. However, there are very few who get involved in the creative process of the product they are selling. Here, Neymar however took part in the most important decisions, both in terms of bottle and scent. The Spirit of The Brave perfume evokes his life and draws a parallel with the values ​​of the athlete. According to Neymar, “to accomplish great things in life, you have to show courage, whatever the professional field”. However, it is precisely this philosophy that is highlighted in this new essence. If the Spirit of The Brave television campaign has not yet been unveiled, we already know that this perfume will have an international aura.

Diesel’s bottle and Neymar’s lion

As with the previous Only The Brave, the Spirit of The Brave perfume comes in a bottle in the shape of a closed fist. Its color, on the other hand, has been totally transformed. This time, it comes in a black and gold hue that is both flashy and striking. On the top of this bottle is a lion tattoo worn by the footballer, which explains that this is one of his favorite tattoos. “We focused on the lion because it is an animal that represents strength and leadership. I identify with that, in that sense, but I also find that the animal is really magnificent ”. Diesel’s name still appears on a disproportionately large ring worn on 2 fingers.

The very green smell of Spirit of The Brave

On the scent side, Spirit of The Brave evokes all the dynamism necessary for athletes to reach the highest peak of their discipline. For this, Spirit of The Brave relies first on the zesty freshness of bergamot associated with the more vegetal scent of galbanum. Its heart, meanwhile, contains cypress and fir, as if to evoke a Brazilian forest, Neymar’s native land. Finally, Spirit of The Brave ends with a more resinous breath of labdanum, sweetened with tonka bean.

Where to buy this new Diesel Only The Brave perfume?

We found the latest cheap Diesel Spirit of Brave perfume on the Fragrenza Perfumes online store for the price of:

50 ml spray> 41.50 €

Spray 75 ml> 47.50 €

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