PerfumeMen's PerfumeSpicebomb Night Vision by Viktor & Rolf, the scent...

Spicebomb Night Vision by Viktor & Rolf, the scent of the nocturnal seducer.


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Spicebomb Night Vision by Viktor & Rolf, the scent of the nocturnal seducer.
Spicebomb Night Vision by Viktor & Rolf, the scent of the nocturnal seducer.

Spicebomb Night Vision by Viktor & Rolf, a game of seduction in the heart of the dark night

In 2005, the house of Viktor & Rolf gave birth to its first feminine perfume, a sort of flower bomb, dotting the whole world with a colorful and cheerful vision. Then, the story continued in 2012, with the creation of its male counterpart Spicebomb. It was then a question of an explosion of spices, intended for all men with a strong temperament. Even today, this perfume is reinventing itself. This time, in 2020, it’s time for sensuality and seduction. So how about diving into the nocturnal universe of Spicebomb Night Vision?

Spicebomb Night Vision, a fragrance rich in contrasts

Spicebomb Night Vision is a scent that doesn’t go unnoticed. Like its predecessors, it has a strong temperament and is aimed at men as fiery as they are ambitious. Developed by perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Pierre Negrin, Spicebomb Night Vision reveals several facets of masculinity at the same time. It starts off with fresh but spicy top notes. The zesty breath of citrus fruits is associated with the more incandescent touch of black spices. The grapefruit brings a certain bitterness to the whole, before being relayed by a more aromatic heart of sage and geranium. Little by little, to capsize the hearts of women, the man who wears Spicebomb Night Vision is betting more on roundness and sensuality. Thus, this fragrance ends with the sweetness of toasted almond and tonka bean.

Spicebomb Night Vision, the scent of a seducer

As the name of this perfume suggests, it plunges us into an infinitely nocturnal universe, leaving room for all the eccentricities. With him, sensuality operates once the day sets. The lights go out and that’s when the man Viktor & Rolf can take the stage. With his scent as additive as it is explosive, he lives with the lights off and gives us an obsessive and provocative game. Viktor & Rolf’s Spicebomb Night Vision is as fresh as it is hot. From then on, he leaves in memory an indelible signature that one cannot forget once one has crossed his path …

The iconic pomegranate from Viktor & Rolf

Because we do not change a winning team, once again Viktor & Rolf presents its perfume in a pomegranate-shaped bottle. Here, the weapon of war becomes a crystal-clear, luxurious glass structure. Its facets are cut with precision and its shape also gives it a perfect grip. Inspired by night vision technology, the Spicebomb Night Vision bottle comes in black and green colors. A thick belt encircles the center of this bottle, as if to protect the precious liquid contained inside. Finally, a pin bearing the initials of Viktor & Rolf is attached to its collar: to intoxicate yourself with the scent of this juice, you know what you have to do: unpin this weapon of mass seduction!

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