PerfumeSoleil de Lalique, the latest creation of an exceptional...

Soleil de Lalique, the latest creation of an exceptional brand


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Soleil de Lalique, the latest creation of an exceptional brand
Soleil de Lalique, the latest creation of an exceptional brand

Soleil de Lalique, the scent of dawn light

Lalique is a name that alone is enough to make you dream … It is one of the most beautiful jewelry brands in France, whose know-how shines all over the world. The Lalique brand excels in working with crystal and glass, as well as in perfumery. Formerly associated with François Coty, René Lalique can boast of having revolutionized the world of perfumes, and more exactly that of bottles. Even today, the brand dazzles us with the arrival of a new essence, enhanced by an exceptional bottle. Focus on Soleil, a new Lalique juice coming from June 2019.

When the sun invades a bottle of perfume

You will have understood it, the new perfume “Soleil de Lalique”evokes the warmth and light of the sun’s rays. However, on the strength of its know-how in glassmaking, and Lalique has put the small dishes in the big ones to make an exceptional bottle… The Soleil perfume is presented in a rounded bottle, the walls of which are irregular. Its glass creates ripples, a sort of stylized sunrays. Everything is also amplified by an orange color, which also becomes more intense in certain areas of this bottle. The solar radiance of this perfume is immediately obvious from the sight of its sumptuous packaging. What is more, the whole is still embellished with some golden details, such as a little jewel attached to its collar and bearing the name of this species. Soleil is available in three different sizes, and is presented to us in a coral red packaging, as if flooded with a shower of stars. The effect is immediate, instantly reflecting the excellence of the Lalique house.

Soleil de Lalique, a fresh and delicious fragrance

But then, what scent can the light of the sun have? Here, it is an olfactory metaphor to evoke the “magic of the morning sun”. With this creation, Lalique reveals to the world a contagious optimism. His message is clear: “wake up and smell the sun”! To meet this challenge, the brand has surrounded itself with two renowned perfumers, Alexandra Monet and Benoist Lapouza. Both have associated fresh and lively scents with other sweeter and greedy scents. Thus, Soleil de Lalique is fully anchored in the latest trends of the moment. It begins with a fresh scent of mandarin and cardamom. Their citrus breath is softened by a bitter almond which becomes, in its heart, more toasted and caramelized. Jasmine, on the other hand, reinforces the floral femininity of this perfume. Soleil de Lalique gains in freshness with the presence of pear granita. The café au lait brings a certain creaminess here while preserving the bitterness of its top notes. Finally, Soleil preserves its greediness at its base by adding a pink praline. Sandalwood rounds off the whole, and white musk sublimates its purity.

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