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BrandSkin Illusion by Clarins, the secret to make-up and...

Skin Illusion by Clarins, the secret to make-up and a bare skin sensation


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Skin Illusion by Clarins, the secret to make-up and a bare skin sensation
Skin Illusion by Clarins, the secret to make-up and a bare skin sensation

Skin Illusion, Clarins’ fluid foundation that takes care of your skin

Getting great skin is no small feat. Indeed, between daily aggressions, fatigue, our way of life and the external environment, it is not uncommon to see traces of fatigue or small imperfections appear. Fortunately, the foundation exists! It unites the epidermis and is an essential basis for successful makeup. As such, Clarins has put all its expertise and know-how to work to make the Skin Illusion Foundation. Focus on this fluid product, a real second skin.

Skin Illusion gives you the feeling of bare skin

Skin Illusion is a foundation suitable for all skin types and characterized by exceptional lightness. Its fluid texture gives the sensation of bare skin and it is a real pleasure to sublimate your skin with this product. All in freshness, it releases a sensation similar to that of fresh water. Enriched with pink opal powder, it reveals an incomparable shine. The Base Skin Illusion Foundationby Clarins evens out the skin and immediately makes it brighter. Its satin finish retains a certain transparency. What’s more, the Skin Illusion Foundation is very popular with people with fair skin because it exists in shades very close to white. It comes in an infinite number of different shades, so as to get as close as possible to the natural color of your skin.

Clarins know-how in addition

Also note that the Skin Illusion Foundation does more than just make up your skin. He also takes care of it day after day. It contains a unique cocktail of mineral and plant trace elements. Pink algae extract adds exceptional skincare action. Result: your skin is lastingly more beautiful. It immediately gains in luster and seems more flexible. Clarins Skin Illusion continuously hydrates the epidermis. It thus prevents the appearance of rodents and tightness. It is a real caress on the skin!

The secret of a successful application

The Skin Illusion Foundation is also very popular for its ease of application. Quick to spread, it offers a uniform result in a single pass. It can be applied with a foundation brush or directly to the fingers. Note, however, that the brush offers a more opaque result and that the fingers allow to obtain more transparency. To blend your product correctly and not create a demarcation, we recommend that you start from the center of your face and stretch the Skin Illusion Foundation outwards. Then, do not forget to blend the product correctly towards your neck as well as at the level of your hairline and your ears.

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