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Sisley’s Phyto Ultra Stretch Mascara


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Sisley's Phyto Ultra Stretch Mascara
Sisley’s Phyto Ultra Stretch Mascara

Lengthen your lashes with Sisley’s Phyto Mascara Ultra Stretch

Mascara is a product that is widely used by women today. But did you know that it was already in use in the time of the pharaohs? In the past, it was used to protect against certain eye diseases. Now, it is a purely aesthetic gesture. The famous tube of mascara that we know today made its appearance in the 60s. Since that day, it has evolved considerably. From now on, it allows to lengthen, to sheath, to densify or to curl the eyebrows. Nothing is too beautiful to create a glowing gaze for you! Sisley understands this and presents you his Phyto Mascara Ultra Stretch.

Ultra Stretch Phyto Mascara for visibly longer eyelashes

The Phyto Mascara Ultra Stretch performs several actions at the same time. It lengthens and curls lashes in one stroke. What’s more, he grabs each of them one by one and pulls them apart. Thus, it does not create any clumps and allows to obtain a very natural result. This rendering is possible thanks to its exclusive brush. Specially patented by Sisley, it brings together two different types of fibers. Therefore , the Phyto Mascara Ultra StretchCatches absolutely all lashes with precision, even the shortest ones. Thanks to this product, you will obtain a perfect definition of your eyes. The application immediately becomes easier and more precise. The Ultra Stretch Phyto Mascara therefore leaves no traces of makeup under the eyes. The makeup is absolutely flawless, as done by a professional. What is more, the hold of the Phyto Mascara Ultra Stretch is exemplary. This mascara dries quickly and prevents color transfer. It doesn’t sink or crumble. Tested under ophthalmological and dermatological control, it is suitable for all people with sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers. It exists in three different colors, a black, a brown or a blue. Real miracle product,

The Ultra Stretch Phyto Mascara, additional care ingredients

At the same time, know that the Phyto Mascara Ultra Stretch benefits from all of Sisley’s expertise in cosmetology. In other words, he doesn’t just make up your eyes but takes care of it day after day. Its formula protects, respects and strengthens the eyelash. For this, the Phyto Mascara Ultra Stretch contains several natural active ingredients. Castor oil beautifies, nourishes and smooths your eyelashes. Provitamin B5 acts to make them more supple and silky. Rice Phytoceramides act continuously to strengthen the structure of the eyelashes and make them more resistant. Finally, natural carnauba and bee waxes come to coat and lengthen your eyelashes. As you will have understood, Sisley’s Phyto Mascara Ultra Stretch puts all its effectiveness on an assembly of natural products.

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