Beauty CareSisley's Black Rose Mask for your youth

Sisley’s Black Rose Mask for your youth


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Sisley’s Black Rose Cream Mask, a radiance revealer for your skin

The Sisley house is just as renowned around the world for its exceptional care as for its fragrances . Drawing its resources from the very heart of nature, Sisley’s sole ambition is to magnify the natural aura and sensuality of women. This is how the brand developed its Black Rose Cream Mask. In just a few years, this exceptional treatment has become the best-selling reference for the Sisley brand. So what is such a craze for him? Where does it come from and what are its benefits for our skin? We tell you everything!

The Black Rose Cream Mask, a powerful anti-aging

Hubert and Isabelle d’Ornano, the founders of the Sisley house, are above all experts in phyto-cosmetology, that is to say that they associate like no one else the best virtues of nature to put them at the service of your skin. At the same time, they have always been convinced of the effectiveness of masks in preserving the beauty of the epidermis. Eager to find a plant with anti-aging virtues, they decided to embark on the development of a mask based on Black Rose. They also wanted their formula to instantly rejuvenate the skin. Several years of research were then necessary to make this mask which revives the complexion, smoothes and plumps the epidermis in a single pass.

The Black Rose Cream Mask recipe

As the name of this treatment suggests, the Black Rose Cream Mask is enriched with an exceptional plant. La Rose Noire is a powerful anti-free radical that tightens and smoothes the skin. What’s more, its effectiveness is further boosted by its high concentration of trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. Likewise, Sisley’s Black Rose Cream Mask also contains extracts of Alkékenge calyx, Padina pavonica and vitamin E acetate which stimulate collagen synthesis and strengthen the skin’s defenses. Other ingredients such as shea butter or vegetable glycerin help make this treatment more hydrating and restorative. Sisley’s Black Rose Cream Mask is a concentrate of sweetness with a unique sensory texture and bewitching fragrance. It is intended for all people who have dry or tired skin, whose face lacks radiance. It fights against skin discomfort and instantly smoothes the skin.

How to use Sisley’s Black Rose Cream Mask?

The Cream Mask Black Rose Sisley apply on face and neck. To do this, all you need to do is apply a generous layer of it and let it sit for about 15 minutes. During this time, the skin absorbs the right amount of product that it needs. Then you just need to remove the excess with a simple paper tissue. From then on, you will just have to admire the result!

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