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Beauty CareSisley White Ginger Refining Leg Oil, the best of...

Sisley White Ginger Refining Leg Oil, the best of Sisley technology for perfect legs


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Sisley White Ginger Refining Oil
Sisley White Ginger Refining Oil

The Sisley brand is one of the most luxurious cosmetic brands. Of excellent quality, Sisley products are made using the principle of phyto-cosmetology. At the origin of this great family success, the couple from Ornano. Sisley defines itself as a “global” brand and is part of the world of cosmetics by offering three main lines of products, skincare, make-up and perfume. As a skin expert, Sisley offers a very complete range of face and body treatments, perfectly suited to different skin tones and different skin types. Here, Sisley presents her “White Ginger Refining Oil for Legs”.

beautiful legs with Sisley Refining Oil with White Ginger

Sisley’s “White Ginger Refining Oil” offers a global answer to women who dream of light legs. Associated with a specific massage gesture, the Sisley formula with white ginger, offers 4 targeted actions,
Anti-fatigue action, thanks to the extract of white ginger and ginkgo biloba oleate,
Remodeling action, thanks to the extract of gelidium cartilagineum and cedrol, Toning
action, thanks to essential oils of rosemary and Litsea cubeba, associated with white ginger extract,
Nourishing and beautifying action thanks to the presence of shea, macadamia and andiroba oils.
From the first application, feelings of discomfort are soothed. Your skin is softer, smoother, more toned. Day after day, your legs remain light. Your figure is completely regaled. “White Ginger Refining Oil” is a real beauty oil with a melting texture. It spreads very easily while toning the legs. It also leaves a satin veil on the skin. Its aromatic essences, associated with a fragrance with fresh notes, promote this feeling of well-being. Your Sisley Oil does not stain clothing and allows you to dress immediately after use.

Sisley White Ginger Refining Oil for Legs, application tips

In order to benefit from the best of your refining oil Sisley, it should be applied morning and evening by going up from the ankles to the top of the legs to the hips according to the following gestures:
1. Apply from the arch of the foot upwards circular movements around the malleoli with the fingertips,
2. Then massage the calf by light smoothing one hand after the other, going up from the ankle to the knee, and then encircle it by pressing firmly from bottom to top to stimulate drainage,
3. Repeat the same gesture on the thigh, starting at the knee and going up to the top of the buttock.
4. Then continue with large, deep circular movements, both hands flat, moving up from the knee to the buttock and hip. Finally, repeat this gesture three times on each leg.

Sisley ”  White Ginger Refining Oil for the Legs  ” is a slimming treatment that takes care of your legs. With its 4 targeted actions, Sisley beauty oil promises you hydrated, slimmer and much lighter legs.

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