PerfumeSisley unveils a box of its new fragrance Izia

Sisley unveils a box of its new fragrance Izia


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Sisley unveils a box of its new fragrance Izia
Sisley unveils a box of its new fragrance Izia

The rock and romantic allure of the new Izia box set by Sisley

The rose has always been considered the queen of perfumery. Flower very popular with women since Antiquity, it is very commonly present in many perfumes. Sisley decided to put it in the spotlight and this is how its Izia perfume was born, in homage to its creator. Today, this already cult juice returns and is revealed in a brand new box. So, don’t wait any longer to embellish any occasion with this pretty package, both so glamorous but a bit rebellious!

Izia de Sisley, a tribute to an exceptional woman

Like many perfumes, Iziatells us a story or rather a very personal memory. Isabelle d’Ornano tells us about one of her escapades in Poland, when she discovered the rose garden of one of the most beautiful castles in the country. She was literally overwhelmed by the smell of a rose and decided to take inspiration from it to create her own garden in the Loire Valley. Each year, Isabelle d’Ornano confides in waiting impatiently for the moment of its flowering, in spring. As if to perpetuate this pleasure in any season, she decided to design a perfume. To him, she chooses to give the diminutive of her own first name in Polish: Izia. For her, this juice is like a “rose with a singular scent.” A rose like a date, blooming only once a year, for a short time ”. The muse of this fragrance, for its part, is none other than his niece. You will understand that Izia de Sisley is undoubtedly one of Isabelle d’Ornano’s most personal essences.

When the rose takes hold of the scent of Izia

If the rose is the central element of this fragrance, it is accompanied by a whole bunch of different ingredients which are responsible for sublimating it and magnifying each of its flavors. Initially, Izia begins with a striking contrast between the freshness of aldehydes and bergamot, and the incandescence of pink pepper. This explosion of vivacity gives way to the Ornano rose accompanied by a more transparent floral bouquet of lily of the valley, jasmine and peony. Angelica also completes the whole and gives it more romanticism. Finally, Izia releases a warmer base of musk, cedar and amber.

Sisley’s two perfume boxes

Izia de Sisley is revealed here in two different sets . Both have exactly the same shape and come in a white rectangular cardboard box, sprinkled with many more colorful rose petals. The whole is both glamorous and rock ‘n’ roll. Inside, the bottle of Izia shines as always with a solar glow. Sculpted by a Polish artist, it is like two pebbles superimposed on top of each other and endowed with a flamboyant color. In this set, Izia comes with a moisturizing fluid for the body. Two different formats are available to you. The first contains a 50 ml perfume spray accompanied by a 50 ml treatment. The other contains these same two products respectively available in two capacities of 100 and 150 ml.

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