Beauty CareSisley - Silky Body Oil SPF 15

Sisley – Silky Body Oil SPF 15


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Sisley Silky Super Sun Care Oil
Sisley Silky Super Sun Care Oil

To help you effectively protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays, Sisley offers you a new body-protective sun care texture.

Super Sun Care Silky Body Oil

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Youth Protector – Super Sun Care Body Oil SPF 15

Super Soin Solaire Silky Body Oil SPF 15 (medium protection) helps your skin to preserve its solar capital. Sisley’s Silky Oil SPF 15 protects your skin against the effects of photo-aging (accelerated aging linked to the Sun) thanks to a combination of latest generation UVA and UVB sun filters and ultra-high-performance skin care active ingredients.

– Anti-free radical action **: thanks to a combination of active ingredients (Vitamin E acetate and Sweet White Lupine extract) which help protect the skin from oxidative stress, the main cause of photoaging.

– Cellular protection: protecting the integrity of cells is essential for their proper renewal. Thanks to its protective effect **, Sweet White Lupine extract, associated with sun filters, helps protect cells from UV attacks.

– A targeted action on the skin’s barrier function: Camellia oil helps to strengthen the barrier function to allow the skin to maintain its optimal level of hydration and ensure better resistance to external aggressions.

– A hydrating and nourishing formula: solar radiation can damage the hydrolipidic film of the skin, causing dehydration and dryness. Camellia, Sunflower and Shea oils help the skin to regain suppleness and hydration.

Multidirectional spray for practical and uniform distribution. Silky oil that leaves the skin silky and reveals the radiance of the tan. Waterproof. Naturally scented with essential oils of Lavender and Geranium.

* helps protect the skin from the effects of photoaging (wrinkles, spots, dehydration, sagging skin)
** in vitro tests

Optimal UVA-UVB Protection – Super Sun Care Body Oil SPF 15

Super Soin Solaire Silky Body Oil SPF 15 contributes to effective sun protection on your skin. Indeed it contains 4 latest generation sun filters which considerably reduce the appearance of sunburn. Result your skin is immediately hydrated and nourished, protected from dryness. The skin is more beautiful, the tan is radiant and lasting. Fine lines of dehydration are smoothed, the appearance of spots due to the sun is minimized.

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