Beauty CareSisley Moisturizing Repairing Body Cream

Sisley Moisturizing Repairing Body Cream


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Sisley Repairing and Moisturizing Body Cream
Sisley Repairing and Moisturizing Body Cream

Take care of your body with Sisley Repairing and Moisturizing Cream

The skin is a complex and fragile system. However, this appears to be the first natural barrier in our body. Constantly exposed to our external environment, it suffers the full brunt of daily aggressions such as pollution, stress, UV rays, temperature variations … Thus, to preserve your natural beauty, it is essential to take some care day after day. For this, the Sisley house has put all its know-how into action and concocted a Repairing and Moisturizing Body Cream for you. It has several actions in one and the same bottle and intends to restore your skin to the radiance of its early youth!

The moisturizing effect of Sisley’s Body Cream

Sisley’s Repairing and Moisturizing Body Cream contains several active ingredients that help strengthen the natural mechanisms of the epidermis. However, the skin immediately loses quality when it lacks hydration. Thus, Sisley Repairing and Moisturizing Cream works to maintain a constant water level in the heart of your skin cells. For this, the brand has chosen to integrate, for the very first time in a treatment, extract of Jioh and carrot. These two products have recognized moisturizing properties and are associated here with a unique and highly thirst-quenching complex. Thus, Sisley’s Repairing and Moisturizing Body Cream not only brings hydration to your skin, it also ensures that it continuously retains it in the heart of your cells.

The nourishing function of Sisley’s care

In parallel, other ingredients intervene in support of this hydration to nourish your skin. Sisley’s Repairing and Moisturizing Body Cream notably contains shea butter, a product rich in essential fatty acids. This is associated with andiroba oil as well as allantolin and phytosqualane. These products are recognized for their soothing and restorative effects. Thus, they provide comfort to the skin throughout the day and limit any sensations of tightness.

Sisley strengthens the barrier role of your skin

Finally, for more protection of your body, Sisley has chosen to focus on strengthening the barrier function of your epidermis. For this, Sisley has chosen to integrate chestnut extract in its Repairing and Moisturizing Cream. This acts on several levels and helps maintain the skin’s natural water balance. In other words, it consolidates its lipid barrier and hardens its stratum corneum. However, rest assured, it cannot be seen with the naked eye. Your skin will remain just as soft to the touch while being more efficient. It will then resist all the better to external aggressions.

Finally, note that the Repairing and Moisturizing Body Cream also has a very pleasant, fresh, melting and non-greasy texture, it instantly penetrates the heart of the tissues. It does not stick and leaves no mark on the clothes.

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