BrandSisley Mattifying Moisturizer

Sisley Mattifying Moisturizer


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Sisley Mattifying Moisturizer
Sisley Mattifying Moisturizer

Sisley’s 3-in-1 Mattifying Moisturizer

Each person has a different skin. Some of them therefore have more oily skin than others. This is characterized by excessive production of sebum. While this is absolutely not harmful to the body, it gives the face a shiny appearance that is not particularly glamorous. Likewise, it tends to clog the pores which can cause the appearance of small imperfections. Thus, to fight against this phenomenon , Sisley has developed a Mattifying Moisturizer. What is more, it does not stop there and combines three actions in one and the same formula: it mattifies, purifies and hydrates in depth.

The hydrating effect of Sisley’s treatment

The first benefit of Sisley Mattifying Moisturizer is, as its name suggests, to hydrate the skin. In this case, it consists of extracts of myrrh and frankincense, ingredients recognized for their moisturizing properties. Thus, it preserves the youth of the skin while providing absolute comfort throughout the day. What is more, D-Panthenol also plays on possible irritations and relieves them. It also provides intense hydration which reinforces the beauty of your complexion over time.

The mattifying action of Sisley care

At the same time, the Mattifying Moisturizer considerably reduces excess sebum. Thus, the skin appears clearer and darker. This effect is visible instantly but is also prolonged in a lasting way thanks to the regular use of this product. Indeed, the fact of using the Matifying Moisturizer will make your skin naturally less shiny day by day and will regulate its sebum production. This is made possible thanks to its capacity rich in Java tea. In addition, this product has a real regulating effect acting on the long term. Likewise, for immediate action, bamboo powder has the ability to absorb excess sebum.

The astringent and purifying power of the Mattifying Moisturizer

Finally, Sisley’s Mattifying Moisturizer is recognized for its purifying and astringent action. It makes the skin clearer and fresher day after day and acts like a real miracle product. Thanks to it, your face seems intensely purified and rebalanced in depth. Your skin appears sharper and its shine is now controlled. In addition, benzoin extract promotes its purifying effect while lady’s mantle leaves help to smooth your skin texture.

The application of Sisley Mattifying Moisturizer

In general, the Mattifying Moisturizing Care is intended more specifically for combination to oily skin. It acts on several issues at the same time and must be applied daily for visible and lasting results. Ideally, it is to be applied morning and evening, every day, on clean skin. It is intended more particularly for the skin of the face as well as that of the neck. Indeed, this part of the body is still too often neglected, although it also reflects the signs of aging. So don’t forget to apply your new ally!

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