MakeupEye MakeupSisley make-up, new Phyto Sourcils Design

Sisley make-up, new Phyto Sourcils Design


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Sisley make-up, new Phyto Sourcils Design
Sisley make-up, new Phyto Sourcils Design

Perfect makeup for your eyebrows thanks to Sisley’s Phyto Sourcils Design

The eyebrows are a very important area of ​​the face that tend to be overlooked when applying makeup. However, they frame the gaze and it is they who give all expression to a face. This is why it is very important to know how to highlight them. The trend for very thin eyebrows has definitely disappeared and the time is now for thick and marked eyebrows, but correctly drawn.

To support you in this process, the Sisley brand has therefore created an innovative eyebrow pencil, bringing together three makeup steps performed by professionals. Focus on Sisley’s Phyto Sourcils Design .

The three tools united in the Phyto Sourcils Design

The Phyto Sourcils Design has been specially designed to help you apply makeup to your eyebrows with a single tool. It brings together several accessories used by professionals and puts them within the reach of all women in a unique format. It consists of a disciplining brush that will allow you to brush your eyebrows and shape them.

Then, to sculpt them and fill your eyebrows in order to make them appear thicker, the Phyto Sourcils Design is equipped with a pencil with a triangular lead. Its texture glides over the eyebrow for easy makeup, but its hold is absolutely exceptional. Thus, it makes it possible to carry out a controlled application and to obtain a perfect result.

Finally, its illuminator is deposited under the brow bone and serves to highlight the eyes. The Phyto Sourcils Design is available in three different shades to get as close as possible to your natural color. It thus provides a result that blends perfectly with your eyebrow. Its accessories allow you to place the right dose of products and will prevent you from making mistakes.

The care assets present in the Phyto Sourcils Design

At the same time, be aware that the Phyto Sourcils Design benefits from all the skincare expertise of Sisley, one of the world’s best brands in cosmetics. To take care of your beauty over the long term, the Phyto Sourcils Design is enriched with several natural active ingredients. Camellia oil is used to soften and nourish your eyebrows. She sheaths them and helps discipline them. Acacia wax, on the other hand, durably protects and nourishes this area of ​​your face.

Our application advice for the Phyto Sourcils Design Sisley

For a perfect result, we recommend that you brush your eyebrows first. Brush them upwards for three-quarters of their length, and downwards for their outer part. Then, with the triangular lead of the Phyto Sourcils Design, fill in the places that lack thickness and sculpt your eyebrows. This pencil will allow you to make your eyebrows denser. Then blend the product by brushing them in the direction of growth. Finally, apply a touch of highlighter under your browbone to make your eyes more radiant. In addition, use Sisley’s Phyto-Sourcils Fix .

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