MakeupEye MakeupSisley Curling & Strengthening So Curl Mascara

Sisley Curling & Strengthening So Curl Mascara


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Sisley Curling & Strengthening So Curl Mascara
Sisley Curling & Strengthening So Curl Mascara

Mascara So Curl Sisley, the most restorative of mascaras!

The Sisley brand is the symbol of perfect family success . Created in 1976 by Hubert d’Ornano, the Sisley brand is based on phytotherapy and aromatherapy. All Sisley products are made from natural plant extracts and essential oils. Sisley designs and distributes very high quality skincare and cosmetic products. Sisley has designed an innovative makeup line with modern and silky textures. You should know that each Sisley product meets a specific need. Among the Sisley brand mascaras, the So Curl mascara is one of the most innovative.

Mascara So Curl, a complete formula

Thanks to a very complete formula, So Curl Sisley mascara combines three actions. Indeed, in 4 weeks, your eyelashes will be longer and denser thanks to the presence of vitamin peptide and arginine. Your eyelashes will therefore be more and more beautiful and stronger and stronger. Then, you should know that the So Curl Sisley mascara has a complex of curling and fixing polymers, associated with its eyelash curling brush, giving the lashes a stunning, instant and lasting curve. Finally, the ultra-pure double-coated pigments of So Curl Sisley mascara give your eyes great intensity and very long wear. Dermatologically tested, So Curl Sisley mascara is suitable for the most sensitive eyes.

So Curl mascara Sisley, a treatment associated with a powerful mascara

So Curl Sisley mascara benefits from treatments that strengthen and above all protect your eyelashes. First of all, it has a base of provitamin B5, but also castor oil. The latter strengthens and revitalizes your eyelashes on a daily basis. The So Curl Sisley mascara also contains arginine, whose action is invigorating, and contributes to the growth of all eyelashes. In addition, the presence of vitamin peptide boosts the length and thickness of the eyelashes, making them particularly dense.

Finally, the So Curl Sisley mascara has a complex of curling agents. These allow you to accentuate the curvature of your eyelashes and cover them at the same time. The volume is then at its maximum. Your lashes are intense and perfectly curved and protected.

So Curl Sisley mascara is a mascara that takes care of your eyelashes. Thanks to the combined action of provitamin B5, vitamin peptide and arginine, So Curl Sisley mascara takes care of your eyelashes and protects them on a daily basis. This allows you to have curled and intensified eyelashes.

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