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Sisley – Cellulinov


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Sisley - Cellulinov

After Phyto-Svelt Global, the intensive slimming treatment, Sisley Research today unveils Cellulinov by integrating new ultra-efficient and innovative anti-cellulite actions into its expertise acquired in the field of slimming.


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Intensive anti-cellulite care which, thanks to the unique combination of powerful active ingredients, fights cellulite and the orange peel appearance for a reshaped silhouette and smooth, embellished, as if renovated skin.

Four anti-cellulite actions for:
– an orange peel effect visibly diminished day after day and refined forms.
– a reduced thigh circumference, erased dimples, a reshaped silhouette.

How? ‘Or’ What ?

  • Slow down the supply of nutrients to fat cells. Longan Grain extract restricts the supply of fat cells, thus putting them on a diet.
  • Fight against the expansion of adipose tissue. Longan grain extract also works in combination with
    Sisley - Cellulinov Pub
    Sisley – Cellulinov Pub

    Indian Lotus extract to maintain the protein mesh that surrounds adipocytes and thus slow down the development in size and number of new fat cells.

  • Limits the storage of fats and promotes their elimination. Red Algae extract limits fat storage and Indian Lotus extract, Caffeine and Cedrol promote their elimination.
  • Fight against water retention and engorgement of tissues thanks to Indian Lotus extract and Cedrol which reduce the feeling of discomfort when pinching from 2 weeks.

Sisley Cellulinov Anti-Cellulite Treatment

A melting, velvety and creamy texture that glides over the skin and allows a prolonged massage. Neither greasy nor sticky, it penetrates easily and allows you to get dressed quickly.

An exclusive formula combining Sisley star active ingredients with 2 new active ingredients: Longan Seed extract and Red Algae extract.

A highly effective targeted action on cellulite and the orange peel appearance. An innovative and complete body treatment: anti-cellulite, moisturizing, firming, skin beautifier.

A real pleasure to use: a velvety and melting cream texture, pleasant to massage, which leaves the skin soft and comfortable. Spreads easily, penetrates quickly and allows dressing immediately after application.

Delicately scented by its active ingredients, Cellulinov provides a feeling of well-being and freshness on application. The massage method proposed by Sisley provides a draining and infiltrating sensation.

Find it at the best price at our online Care partner: Body Care – Fragrenza Perfumes as well as all the other products of the Sisley brand .

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