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Simon Baker in the Gentlemen Only Absolute ad


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Simon Baker in the Gentlemen Only Absolute ad
Simon Baker in the Gentlemen Only Absolute ad

Gentlemen Only Absolute by Givenchy, a blend of elegance

Today, the name of Givenchy undoubtedly rhymes with elegance and refinement. Indeed, the brand is recognized worldwide for its design of very neat costumes as well as for its prestigious and elegant perfumes. Also, it seems that the range of Gentlemen Only perfumes is still expanding from a newcomer named Gentlemen Only Absolute . This one displays a woody, spicy and oriental scent. If this news has something to delight men, know, Ladies, that it also has something to satisfy you … Indeed, Givenchy has once again called on the attractive Simon Baker to embody his essence, a real pleasure for the eyes!

Simon Baker, once again the face of Givenchy

Simon Baker is arguably the most famous Mentalist on the planet. This Australian actor made his very debut in the series “Hartley, hearts alive” but really made a name for himself in “The Mentalist”, a series consisting of seven seasons and in which the latter can boast of having capsized. the hearts of women all over the world. What’s more, he’s currently being talked about for his radical change of look. A few weeks ago, he was showing off at the beach, wet hair, a surfboard under his arm, a beard lasting several weeks… A look very different from the one he usually wears but which also fits him like a glove. After all, it’s not for nothing that Simon Baker was voted the sexiest actor by TV Magazine, even far ahead of Patrick Dempsey, the famous “Doctor Mamour”!

Side scoop, know that Simon Baker is currently preparing the realization of his first feature film, Breathe, a film adapted from the eponymous novel by Tim Winton and telling the story of two teenagers in search of new experiences. Nevertheless, while waiting for the release of this friendship story on your screens, know that Simon Baker is currently appearing in the new advertisement for the fragrance Gentlemen Only Absolute by Givenchy.

Gentlemen Only Absolute advertising

Givenchy’s latest commercial for Gentlemen Only Absolute was produced by DDB Luxe agency, directed by Suzie Q. and Léo Siboni. We find the attractive Simon Baker getting ready to board an elevator. After having properly adjusted his gentleman’s suit and put his cufflinks back in place, he finds himself surrounded by three female creatures simply captivated by his charm and ready to devour him. Nevertheless, Simon Baker sees a woman in the distance on the landing. Gentleman obliges, he reopens the elevator and gives way to the pretty blonde, at the same time frustrating the three other women in his company. Never mind, he shows his best smile and then takes the stairs. The whole thing has something to delight women all over the world.

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