BrandArmaniSi, the embodiment of Armani's Italian elegance

Si, the embodiment of Armani’s Italian elegance


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Si, the embodiment of Armani's Italian elegance
Si, the embodiment of Armani’s Italian elegance

Eau de Parfum “Si” from the house of Armani is a fragrance full of high quality ingredients.

It is a highly prized essence in luxury perfumery and is known for its persistence and tenacity. It was designed to appeal to women. Indeed, it is very greedy while being very sensual. In addition, as if to enhance its elegance, Armani offered the luxury of the presence of the beautiful Cate Blanchett as a muse. “Si” is therefore unquestionably a fragrance of refinement and timelessness.

“Si”, a perfume in the image of its creator Christine Nagel

By creating “Si”, Christine Nagel, perfumer at Mane fils, made sure to be in total agreement with the tastes of Mr. Armani. However, she also put her whole story and personality into this essence. Indeed, the latter was born of an Italian mother and a Swiss father. Also, the influence of its origins is very often found in its perfumes. In this case, they are often very contrasted, as if to recall the association of hot and cold present in his genealogy. As she says herself: “From these countries of origin, the olfactory memories of my childhood can be found there. The wet earth and asphalt of Switzerland and the smell of Boro Talco, the famous Italian talc with scents of very amber and warm vanilla… ”.

Also, “Si” is the result of passionate and perfectly mastered work. It is aimed at free and assertive women. It is a tribute to modern femininity and perfectly blends strength, grace and the spirit of independence. It is therefore this image that Armani wishes to convey through its communication. The brand has therefore chosen to appeal to the essential class of the beautiful Cate Blanchett. Indeed, this alone embodies a whole universe of refinement specific to the house. We therefore find the actress in a film set up by the Iranian-American director Massy Tadjedin, assisted by the director of photography, Darius Khondji. Cate Blanchett interprets all the emotions and flaunts her wide range of actress. The rendering is very classic, at the same time timeless, refined but no less sensual.

Armani shows nobility

“Si” is a very chic and intense fragrance. With it, Armani wanted to work on a chypre fragrance while revisiting it.Also, it is one of those perfumes which does not lack daring and personality. At the top, its blackcurrant bud explodes to deliver an intense freshness and a somewhat racy aspect. Then, it shows its softer and more sensual part via the addition of vanilla. Patchouli then enhances its character and is associated with more floral notes of May rose and freesia. The background, meanwhile, is very subtle. Orcanox softens it while hinting at more woody, amber and musky scents. “Si” is a very sophisticated and particularly addictive fragrance. It is then contained in a bottle symbolizing Italian refinement. Its architecture is very refined. This setting is not encumbered with superfluous. It sits on a stable plinth and soars skyward, propelling its tapered contours and bold hood. The design of the latter clearly denotes the bottle. While the base is very square, it is all round. What’s more, its intense black color contrasts with the light pink of the juice. In short, its design perfectly echoes the contrasts of its essence and the refinement is just as present.

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