PerfumeSerge Lutens perfume Sandalwood Majuscule

Serge Lutens perfume Sandalwood Majuscule


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Serge Lutens perfume Sandalwood Majuscule
Serge Lutens perfume Sandalwood Majuscule

Sandalwood, the star ingredient of Serge Lutens

As its name suggests, the Santal Majuscule fragrance revolves mainly around the scent of sandalwood. It must be said that this ingredient is particularly appreciated by the creator Serge Lutens . Moreover, this is not the first time that the creator has placed it at the center of one of his works.

Serge Lutens had already developed the perfumes Santal Blanc, a rather sweet fragrance, and Santal de Mysore, a much spicier juice. True immersed in the history of Serge Lutens, Santal Majuscule therefore refers to one of his favorite raw materials, but also to one of his childhood memories. Indeed, the word Capital is not there by chance. It refers to a past activity of Serge Lutens. When he was a child, on school benches, the designer had fun embellishing the capitals of his books with all kinds of pretty designs. It is therefore from this precise moment that Santal Majuscule is inspired.

Santal Majuscule, an atypical fragrance

Like all the creations of the house Serge Lutens, Santal Majuscule remains a rather mysterious and atypical fragrance. Its smell is unlike any other, and is intended for initiated consumers of perfume. Santal Majuscule begins with a sweet and spicy breath that does not lack character. Her heart, meanwhile, gains in poetry and combines the warmth of sandalwood with the elegance of rose. Finally, for more indulgence, Santal Majuscule ends with woody and suave nuances, accompanied by a chocolate flavor in the background. Of course, Santal Majuscule is presented, as always, in the brand’s signature rectangular bottle, both sober and very refined.

Serge Lutens - Sandalwood Majuscule
Serge Lutens – Sandalwood Majuscule

The house Serge Lutens unveils its new Woody Spicy fragrance: Santal Majuscule.

Majuscule Sandalwood Perfume

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“Don’t obey my orders, obey my silences”

Originally… The childhood memory of Serge Lutens who drew illuminations on his notebooks: drawings of flowers, fire, dragons… adorning the capitals in vivid colors of purple, blue, gold.

Olfactory composition. A complex writing is precious like an illumination, around 3 components:

-Santal, a sacred and precious wood

– Cocoa, sweet and bitter

– Damask rose, fresh and peppery

Fragrance Sandalwood Majuscule

Provoked by the fresh and peppery sting of the Rose of Damascus, the sweet bitterness of a childhood memory springs back through the Cocoa Absolute.

Uppercase Sandalwood Pub
Uppercase Sandalwood Pub

Medieval legends told in precious books …

Creamy and spicy illuminations to dress a majestic Sandalwood.

Nom : Santal : Le Bois Sacré / Majuscule : Les Précieuses Enluminures.

Un bois précieux évoquant le passé, ses richesses, ses contes, princesses, dragons et chevaliers… sentiments chevaleresques et feu sacré !

Parfums Femme

Famille olfactive : Boisé – Epicé

Note de tête : Santal

Note de cœur : Cacao

Note de fond : Rose de Damas

Retrouvez le au meilleur prix chez notre partenaire parfums : Santal Majuscule – Fragrenza Perfumes ainsi que tous les produits de la brand Serge Lutens.

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