BrandChanelSelfish, the perfume par excellence of dandies

Selfish, the perfume par excellence of dandies


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Selfish, the perfume par excellence of dandies
Selfish, the perfume par excellence of dandies

When we think of Chanel’s Egoïste perfume , we instantly think of the advertising for the latter. However, when we have tasted its perfume, we quickly forget this singular television spot and we only remember its character and elegance. Her spicy personality is one of a kind and quickly became iconic within the house of Chanel. Selfish is downright timeless. Its olfactory qualities are undeniable and really deserve our attention.

Egoist plays it very “personal” on the olfactory side

Egoiste was born in 1990. Also, to better understand it, we must go back to its origin. Indeed, in 1926, Ernest Beaux had made a fragrance called Bois des Iles for Miss Chanel. This spicy woody note was very feminine at the time. Then, much later, in 1987, Jacques Polge decided to redesign it by creating Bois Noir, a very daring species that did not meet with great success. So three years later, Jacques Polge decided to take up the main formula by making it a little more accessible. He therefore creates a masculine fragrance by associating his work with that of François Demachy: Egoïste has just seen the light of day. However, when it comes out, it denotes. Indeed, at this time the trend is more for fresh scents and Egoïste is particularly woody and spicy. His image is incisive and his name is powerful. Egoist loudly proclaims his independence and claims his power.

Chanel shows determination

Egoïste is a scent of paradoxes. Indeed, he takes the very daring personality of his ancestors. He doesn’t care what anyone says and does as he pleases. However, Chanel adds a fair dose of sweetness and the fruity scents reveal all its tenderness. The start is fresh and vigorous. It revolves around the scent of mandarin, coriander and rosewood in particular. Then, the rose mingles with the cinnamon and its heart becomes warmer. However, it is at its core that Egoist reveals all of his personality. It then releases its fullness as well as its complex woody structure. It is very persistent and the power of sandalwood is supported by vanilla. The powdery sweetness of Tonka bean, for its part, blossoms in a note of amber rum.

Chanel offers us a particularly elegant perfume . Selfish is quite suitable for proud men, showing high standards and determination.

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