Jean Paul GaultierScandal in Paris, new perfume Jean Paul Gaultier

Scandal in Paris, new perfume Jean Paul Gaultier


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Scandal in Paris, new perfume Jean Paul Gaultier
Scandal in Paris, new perfume Jean Paul Gaultier

Scandal In Paris, Jean-Paul Gaultier smashes the Frenchies!

Jean-Paul Gaultier is an extraordinary designer, who does not hesitate to arouse controversy by his creations. Moreover, his latest perfume is not left out in this area! Her heroine is none other than Madam Minister, an attractive woman, far from the very stuffy world of politics. Jean-Paul Gaultier this time put on a young libertine, sexy and provocative. His perfume, Scandal , appeared in 2017. Scandal by Night succeeded him in 2018. Today, he is back in the spotlight, in a brand new version called Scandal A Paris.

Scandal A Paris offers a new sweeter breath

Scandal A Paris is a new creation orchestrated by perfumer Daphné Bugey, already at work on the previous Scandal fragrance. So far, few ingredients of his recipe have been revealed to us. Jean-Paul Gaultier prefers to preserve the mystery, but the three central elements of this composition have nevertheless been disclosed. Scandal A Paris preserves the gluttony of its predecessor and initially focuses on fruity top notes, based on pear. The freshness of this fruit is both airy and sweet, enough to awaken your senses. Then, Scandal A Paris focuses on one of the most famous flowers in women’s perfumery: jasmine. Opulent and seductive, it highlights the luminous aura of the Jean-Paul Gaultier woman. Gradually, Scandal A Paris softens and becomes sweeter and addictive.

What is the portrait of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s new minister?

Behind this very appetizing scent hides the image of a confident woman. “We wanted to reconnect with the spirit of Jean-Paul Gaultier, the enfant terrible of fashion, who combines luxury, the popular and a sense of humor,” explains Johanna Worth, associate director of the Mazarine agency, at the origin of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s advertisement. If the somewhat saucy attitude of the Scandal A Paris woman has plenty to talk about, the main concerned does not care what to say. From then on, the Scandal A Paris perfume appeared as a manifesto of freedom. To associate scandal and politics, it was necessary to dare. However, we expected no less from the famous Jean-Paul Gaultier!

Scandal In Paris, a bottle that turns heads

The Scandal A Paris bottle, meanwhile, remains true to the spirit of its predecessor. Designed by Puig, the group that now owns the perfumes of Jean-Paul Gaultier, it consists of an unexpected cork, like two legs in the air! By dint of wanting to get drunk on the scent of this new perfume, a woman seems to have tipped inside her bottle! The rest of its visual is covered in a soft pink color. There is no doubt that Scandal A Paris is an infinitely stunning juice!

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