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PerfumeSacred perfume: the return of the great Caron perfume

Sacred perfume: the return of the great Caron perfume


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Sacred perfume: the return of the great Caron perfume
Sacred perfume: the return of the great Caron perfume

Parfum Sacré de Caron, a return to the original meaning of perfume

Caron has been part of the world of French Haute Parfumerie since its creation in 1904. Thus, it is a brand synonymous with high standards, luxury and daring. If since its creation perfumery has become more widely democratized, Caron has chosen to preserve its sector of activity from the dictates of marketing. For her, perfume must remain a luxury product in its own right. Moreover, its Sacred Perfume essence seems to have been designed to remind us that it was at the base of a very spiritual, almost divine product. Parfum Sacré restores its letters of nobility to perfumery . Therefore, this composition would almost seem to come straight from the gods.

Perfume in the noble sense of the term

Originally, perfume was not a fashion accessory. It was used for religious ceremonies, and was a tribute to the divine and the spiritual. Ascending into the heavens, it served to communicate with the gods. In this sense, the perfume was a kind of invisible gateway between heaven and earth. An exceptional perfumer, Caron therefore decided to pay tribute to what perfume was at the dawn of our world. Sacred Perfume is designed as food for the Gods. With him, “nothing now exists except the immutable and sacred bonds uniting the woman to her perfume. Sacred Perfume is not just a perfume. It is a kind of offering which incites hope, purification of the soul and excellence. Parfum Sacré is thus charged with timelessness. It takes us back to an ancient time when the spiritual prevailed over the material. Parfum Sacré is a work full of value. It evokes an eternal emotion. From then on, its juice resembles a sacred nectar endowed with an extreme refinement.

The luminous and spicy breath of Parfum Sacré

Parfum Sacré is inspired by an almost unreal vision: “At the moment when gold and light merge, the air is gently tinted with a suave fragrance of rose absolute, mixed with musk and myrrh. . »Its scent opens with an evanescent and feminine freshness of orange blossom and mimosa. These plants give off their solar and powdery breath here. They also pave the way for a floral and candid heart, illuminated with rose and jasmine. This famous duo of feminine perfumery is here pushed to its limits. It gives us a narcotic scent, quickly swept away with warmer spices. Sacred perfume ignites on contact with green pepper, coriander, cinnamon and cloves. Its base, on the other hand, becomes more balmy. Its comfortable and enveloping heat is amplified on contact with ambrette seeds, myrrh, sandalwood and musk. Finally, Parfum Sacré is softened by the presence of a syrupy vanilla and a more delicious chestnut honey. Everything is presented to us in a bottle similar to that of the wholecollection of the great classics of Caron . Forming a half sphere of glass, it is all in elegance and sobriety.

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