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BrandRouge Dior Couture Collection

Rouge Dior Couture Collection


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Rouge Dior Couture Collection
Rouge Dior Couture Collection

Rouge Dior Couture Collection, between volume and care

Christian Dior founded his couture house of the same name in 1947. His collections inspired the long-awaited revival of the post-war period. The clothes are very feminine and elegant… Loose skirts, centered waist, round chest, the New-Look style will be all the rage in the fashion world, allowing the Dior house to take center stage. Her first perfume was also released in 1947, ” Miss Dior ” is a tribute to her sister Catherine. Her first lipstick, “Rouge Dior”, was created in 1953 .

Rouge Dior Couture Collection, a historic red

Released in 1953, the Rouge Dior is displayed as an emblem of the brand. Worn by millions of women, Dior red is currently available in 32 different shades. If red is the color of passion, it is also the color of Dior. A weapon of absolute femininity, Rouge Dior quickly became the emblem of the Dior house . Christian Dior believed that a touch of color could change a woman’s appearance, but also that no woman should go out without lipstick. Above all, he wanted the woman to create and inspire desire. Rouge Dior is the very embodiment of femininity. More than 60 years after its release, Rouge Dior remains a timeless beauty. Among its most beautiful variations, we can admire the Rouge Dior Couture Collection.

Rouge Dior Couture Collection, a voluptuous skincare formula

The Rouge Dior Couture Collection has a particularly voluptuous and innovative skincare formula. Indeed, its formula contains natural mango butter, which gives the lipstick a great moisturizing power. It also contains aroleat samphira, a plant found in the seabed, which allows Rouge Dior to offer a revitalizing action. Its benefits do not stop there since Rouge Dior Collection Couture benefits from hyaluronic acid, which allows your lips to not only be hydrated, but also filled and plumped throughout the day.

The combination of these 3 skincare products offers 16 hours of comfort, during which the Rouge Dior does not dry out and does not streak. From morning to night, whether the texture is matte or shiny, Rouge Dior does not move and continuously hydrates your lips. For a perfect mouth, it is advisable to first apply “Dior contour” in order to outline your lips. Then apply your Rouge Dior using the “Backstage Lips” brush, from the center of the lips outwards. Finally, for a more intense color finish, finish with a layer of color applied directly to your mouth. The rendering is exceptional.

A real weapon of seduction since 1953, Dior red is now available in a Rouge Dior Collection Couture. Thanks to the combined action of several treatments, your Dior lipstick will offer you perfectly hydrated, plumped lips with a color that lasts all day long.

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