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PerfumeRepetto, the perfumed ballet from the house of Repetto

Repetto, the perfumed ballet from the house of Repetto


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Repetto, the perfumed ballet from the house of Repetto
Repetto, the perfumed ballet from the house of Repetto

Rose Repetto, mother of the dancer and choreographer, Roland Petit, creates a pair of ballerinas for him in a small Parisian workshop. The innovative inverted stitch technique gives a flexible and light shoe, thus appealing to all dancers. At the request of Brigitte Bardot, Rose Repetto produced the “Cendrillon Ballerinas” which she dedicated to him. In 1970, Serge Gainsbourg fell in love with a model named “Zizi”. In 2014, Repetto launched into perfumery with “Repetto, le Parfum”, an olfactory universe close to the values ​​of the brand.

Repetto, the essence of a ballet dancer

The world of dance, the brand’s favorite field, is constantly present here. Even the muse, Dorothée Gilbert is a famous ballet dancer. “Repetto” was built around the most feminine flower, the rose. Charming and ultra sensual, the fragrance of “Repetto” was created by Olivier Polge, official perfumer of Chanel, but also son of the very talented Jacques Polge, at the origin of great successes. “Repetto” is also the symbol of the perpetual movement of dance. Its light pink color immediately transports us to the world of classical dance. Regarding her first perfume, Dorothée Gilbert affirms “The first Repetto perfume invites you to get closer to the stage, to go behind the curtain, to discover the most intimate of a woman’s costumes, her perfume” …

The floral and sensual notes of Repetto

To create “Repetto”, Olivier Polge has chosen luxurious materials. “Repetto” opens with the sweet notes of plum. The heart then evolves towards rose and blooms in cherry blossoms with delicate almond accents, associated by the luminosity of orange blossoms. The base will be predominantly amber thanks to the presence of vanilla, patchouli and amber. As for the bottle, it is the perfect representation of the perfumed ballet. The bottle has a circular shape, and it tinted with a pale pink color. Illustrating the elegance of the dancers, the finesse of the movement and the sensuality of the curves, the “Repetto” bottle pushes femininity to its peak. He seems to be waiting his turn to get into the whirlwind of the ballet. Signed with a pink satin ribbon with its tassel, the bottle has the grace of a ballerina.

From the art of dance to the art of perfume, there is “Repetto”… A surprisingly soft and feminine fragrance , “Repetto” draws its magic from the world of dance, dear to the brand. Its composition is both floral and sensual and it is easy to imagine a dancer wearing it. However, it is the fragrance of simple, beautiful and slightly daring women.

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