PerfumeRem Coco de Réminiscence, an island fragrance made from...

Rem Coco de Réminiscence, an island fragrance made from coconut


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Rem Coco de Réminiscence, an island fragrance made from coconut
Rem Coco de Réminiscence, an island fragrance made from coconut

Rem Coco: Reminiscence offers us a trip to the tropics!

The Réminiscence house owes its existence to a meeting: that of Nino Amaddeo and Zoé Coste, both passionate about travel. Together, they decided to draw inspiration from their different journeys to design costume jewelry. Then, they chose to expand their circle of activities by gradually inviting themselves into the perfume shop. Like Reminiscence jewelry, the brand’s perfumes all come from distant lands. The newcomer to the house is therefore no exception to tradition. Rem Coco is a scent loaded with exoticism that seems to draw its source from the heart of the tropics. So, prepare your luggage, Reminiscence is taking us on a trip!

Rem Coco, a creamy and sun-kissed fragrance made from coconut

As the name of this fragrance suggests, Rem Coco is very rich in coconut. Like all Réminiscence perfumes, it is inspired by the tropical exoticism of the islands. It begins with a maritime accord and combines, in its top notes, a sea breeze with coconut nectar. Then, his heart gradually becomes smoother. There, coconut milk makes its appearance and immediately leaves a velvety sensation on the body. A solar flavor illuminates the whole while a floral bouquet amplifies its natural femininity. Little by little, Rem Coco lets himself be won over by a more sensual and animal base of musk. Finally, to recall all its exoticism, vanilla invites itself into its base notes, leaving behind a somewhat amber, musky, gourmet and tropical trail.

The iconic reminiscence bottle revisited

Rem Coco is presented in a bottle with an identical silhouette to that of the previous Rem, designed in 1996. All round, it consists of a glass bead, whose turquoise hue of yesteryear has now disappeared in favor of ‘a more refined white. A guarantee of freshness, its frosted glass is devoid of any frills. Only the name of this perfume is written in turquoise and brown writing. It is as if a coconut had washed up on the shore of an exotic lagoon. Moreover, the cap of this bottle clearly recalls the tropical and aquatic universe. Indeed, it takes the shape of a coral.

A fragrance that is reminiscent of the beginnings of Reminiscence

Both by its visual and its tropical scent, Rem Coco is fully in line with the exotic universe of Réminiscence and wonderfully recalls the solar breath of the previous Rem. As a reminder, the Rem perfume was developed following a trip to the island of Saint-Barthélemy. Indeed, during this trip, Nino Amaddeo decided to buy solar amber in a local shop. Captivated by its scent made from tiare flowers, he decided to make a fragrance. Today, this exotic little flower has disappeared, but the tropics are indeed present, this time in the form of a coconut.

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