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BrandLancômeRefills for the La Vie est Belle Vapo Bag

Refills for the La Vie est Belle Vapo Bag


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Life is Beautiful Vapo Bag Refill
Life is Beautiful Vapo Bag Refill

The clever La Vie Est Belle refills by Lancôme

Julia Roberts is today one of the most famous actresses on the planet. She has an impressive filmography and it is impossible to talk about this talented actress without mentioning her roles in Pretty Woman, Love at first sight in Notting Hill, Erin Brockovich, My best enemy or more recently, Snow White. However, another character has also marked his career: that of muse for the Lancôme brand. Indeed, it is she who is responsible for embodying one of the most famous perfumes in the world: La Vie Est Belle. Juilia Roberts then appears particularly radiant in the advertising for this perfume. She does not hesitate to thwart the diktats of the company while displaying a beaming smile. So what is the secret of this eternal optimism? Well,

La Vie Est Belle Refills

If La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme has become a legendary perfume, the brand has not failed to develop derivative products. Thus, Lancôme created a bag vaporizerof its iconic fragrance. This displays a small size that can contain scented refills of 18 ml. It slips easily into the hollow of your handbag and is designed not to leak. Very elegant, it is a slender tube lacquered in a powder pink. The latter is topped with a particularly modern chrome spray. The set then allows you to re-smoke as you wish during the day. Also, in an eco-responsible way and so that you do not have to change the whole of this container too regularly, Lancôme has designed it to be refillable. So when your bag vaporizer is empty, you just need to replace its refill. Each of these small vials contains 18 ml and will thus allow you to convey an enchanting breath on your passage from early morning until evening.

The smell contained in Lancôme Refills

Of course, La Vie Est Belle Refillscontain a fragrance similar to that of the original perfume. This one was developed by three perfumers and is at the same time a floral, seductive and delicious juice. The whole consists of many flowers such as sambac jasmine, orange blossom from Tunisia or iris Pallida. In addition, this is one of the best varieties in the world of this plant, which only accentuates the prestige of the La Vie Est Belle fragrance. Likewise, fruits such as pear and blackcurrant bring a very juicy and somewhat exuberant side to this ensemble. Finally, the delicacies of La Vie Est Belle are also omnipresent. The Refills of this perfume release scents of pralines, vanilla and tonka bean, enough to brighten up your daily life and bring a hint of almost childish innocence!

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