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BrandRalph Lauren Supreme Cashmere Polo

Ralph Lauren Supreme Cashmere Polo


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Ralph Lauren Supreme Cashmere Polo
Ralph Lauren Supreme Cashmere Polo

The sophisticated sensuality of Ralph Lauren’s Polo Supreme Cashmere

Ralph Lauren is a brand that is characterized by its deceptively relaxed and always very elegant style. Known initially for its shirts and polo shirts, it now also offers a wide range of fragrances to expand its offer. Like the items offered by the fashion house, these are made from carefully selected raw materials. Always refined, refined and classic without lacking in charm, they embody a contemporary and assertive masculinity. Also, it is precisely this innate charm associated with this taste for luxury that Ralph Lauren once again offers us in its brand new Polo Supreme Cashmere fragrance.

A juice made by Carlos Benaïm

Polo Supreme Cashmere is a perfume that was made by Carlos Benaïm, a nose recognized for its many bestsellers and having collaborated with the biggest brands on the planet. He says he is guided above all by his emotions. He says he has full confidence in his memory as a source of inspiration. As such, if he is particularly fond of comforting scents, he hates cedar above all! Indeed, when he was a child, Carlos Benaïm accompanied his mother to the butcher and observed with horror the bloody carcasses of animals. The scent that remains to him from this moment is that of the floor, of Atlas cedar… Thus, Carlos Benaïm tries never to use this ingredient. However, this is a raw material widely used in men’s perfumes. So,

Polo Supreme Cashmere, a dark and full-bodied fragrance

Although it is a very manly juice, Polo Supreme Cashmere is not devoid of tenderness. Thus, his heart wants to be mysterious while being structured. It combines frankincense and myrrh, a raw material from Africa and renowned for its moist, spicy and sweet flavor, similar to that of licorice. The gluttony of this ingredient is associated with the liveliness of citrus fruits. In addition, Polo Supreme Cashmere begins with a duo of bergamot and cardamom. Bergamot is a fruit resulting from the cross between lemon and sour orange. Cardamom, on the other hand, is the fruit of a plant cultivated in India, Indonesia and Guatemala. This one is at the same time spicy, woody, camphoric and aniseed. Finally, Polo Supreme Cashmere ends with a soft and reassuring blend of cashmere wood and iris root.

The iconic Ralph Lauren bottle in a sophisticated style

As always, Polo Supreme Cashmere is presented in the iconic bottle of the entire Polo collection by Ralph Lauren. Both sophisticated and sexy, this container is now lacquered in a slightly transparent black. The latter evokes the silhouette of a strong man with square shoulders. Golden elements contrast with the rest of this packaging as if to give it more refinement. Thus, it proudly displays its name in this color, echoing its cabochon and the famous polo player of the brand.

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