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PerfumeQuatre, the homage perfume of Boucheron

Quatre, the homage perfume of Boucheron


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Quatre, the homage perfume of Boucheron
Quatre, the homage perfume of Boucheron

If Boucheron now occupies a prominent place as a luxury perfumer, it must be recognized that his specialty remains above all jewelry. Boucheron has excelled in this field for over 150 years. As such, the brand strives to create links between its two creative universes. This is why Boucheron decided to create a perfume bearing the name of one of its most iconic rings. This one is called Quatre and alone brings together all the ancestral finesse of the Boucheron brand.

The famous four rings of Boucheron

Boucheron is a brand with an extraordinary mastery of the art of jewelry. Thus, the virtuosity of his works has been rewarded many times. This is why Boucheron has decided to group together four techniques emblematic of its history and to assemble them in a ring. This has illuminated Boucheron’s jewelry department since 2004. Its dazzling history includes four legendary Boucheron codes. Thus, it juxtaposes four rings each forming a modern transcription of Boucheron’s ancestral art. The first of these is an assembly of two gold rings to form a Double Godrons. This technique was invented in 1889. The second ring forms the Clous de Paris motif, very inspired by Parisian cobblestones and minutely carved by hand bythe master jewelers of the Boucheron house . The third ring, meanwhile, is covered with diamonds in their paved version. Thus, the latter trap the light on a base of polished gold. This know-how is made possible thanks to the “mirror setting” technique, an exclusive know-how signed by Boucheron. Finally, the whole is further enhanced by a Gros Grain motif, a true masterpiece of goldsmithing. Also, after having sublimated the Boucheron jewelry department, the Quatre ring decided to transform itself into perfumes. It has now occupied the olfactory department since 2015.

The olfactory luminosity of the Quatre ring

Like the Quatre ring, this fragrance combines many facets. As such, no less than three perfumers were needed to make it. This creation was created by Antoine Maisondieu, Nadège Le Garlantezec and Natalie Gracia Cetto. Quatre begins with a fruity and juicy blend of bitter orange, green tangerine, currant and strawberry. Thus, its start is tangy and sparkling. Then, her heart takes on a timeless feminine accord: the classic rose – jasmine sambac. These two ingredients form here a whirlwind of elegance and romanticism. They are also associated with an innovative and unexpected ingredient: petalia, an aroma diffusing a scent similar to that of roses but with a slight aftertaste of lychee. Finally, the ultimate radiance boost for this perfume, Quatre is revealed more sensual than ever thanks to the presence of musk. The whole is nevertheless coated with woody tones of cedar and cashmeran. Of course, the Quatre ring is also present on its bottle. This forms the cabochon of this work of art while the Double Godrons motif of the sign also signs the base of this case.

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