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Beauty CarePurer skin with Biotherm Cleansing Foam from Biotherm

Purer skin with Biotherm Cleansing Foam from Biotherm


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Purer skin with Biotherm Cleansing Foam from Biotherm
Purer skin with Biotherm Cleansing Foam from Biotherm

Purify your skin with Biotherm Cleansing Foam from Biotherm

Biotherm is a brand specializing in the beauty of women and men. It is particularly renowned for skin protection and is considered a pioneer in French cosmetology. As such, Biotherm benefits from extraordinary expertise and several decades of research. Biotherm draws the best of its resources from the heart of nature and makes it available to our beauty. Today, she offers you to cleanse your skin gently and effectively, while rebalancing it. Focus on Biosource Cleansing Foam from Biotherm.

The purifying effect of Biosource Cleansing Foam

First and foremost, as its name underlines, the Biosource Cleansing Foam from Biotherm has a cleansing and purifying action. It is a mineral water that is used daily on all skin types. The Biosource Cleansing Foam can be applied in the morning and in the evening, for optimal effectiveness. In the morning, it rids the face of dead cells and sebum accumulated during the night. In the evening, it removes the residues of polluting particles, impurities and the remains of makeup. Biotherm Biosource Cleansing Foam is applied to a damp face. To do this, all you need to do is pour this gel into the palm of your hand and lather it on contact with water. Then gently massage your face in circular movements. Avoid the area of ​​your gaze, however. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. The Biosource Cleansing Foam contains gentle cleansing agents which are both very effective while being respectful of the natural fragility of the skin. Thus, your face will be purified without ever feeling attacked.

The rebalancing action of Biotherm Cleansing Foam from Biotherm

At the same time, the Biosource Cleansing Foam from Biotherm also acts on the natural balance of your epidermis. Indeed, some people tend to lack hydration in the heart of their cells. Others, on the other hand, suffer from excess sebum, all over their face or only parts of it. Biotherm’s Biosource Cleansing Foam tries to rebalance all of this. For this, it contains no less than 70 vitalizing minerals! In other words, it is the result of a very complex recipe which also contains balancing zinc. This product is very famous in cosmetology for its beneficial effect on the production of sebum. The Biosource Cleansing Foam durably mattifies the face without ever drying it out. Its hydration is ensured by the famous pure thermal plankton from Biotherm. Used daily, Biosource Cleansing Foam works wonders! Thanks to it, the skin appears clearer, more lively and better balanced.

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