PerfumeMen's PerfumePure XS or Pure Excess new perfume Paco Rabanne

Pure XS or Pure Excess new perfume Paco Rabanne


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Pure XS or Pure Excess by Paco Rabanne
Pure XS or Pure Excess by Paco Rabanne

Pure XS, the new digest of the carnal desire of Paco Rabanne

The Black XS saga made its appearance within the house of Paco Rabanne in 2005. With a very masculine and virile aesthetic, this perfume did not fail to attract the attention of all young tattooed men, a bit rebellious and eager to assert themselves. Immediately, Black XS was classified in the top 20 of the best sales in France, at the beginning of the year 2006. In the continuity of this exceptional success, Paco Rabanne decided to reinterpret it. The brand presents us with a more tempting version than ever of its iconic juice: Pure XS, a concentrate of eroticism!

The tempting universe of Paco Rabanne with Pure XS

With this new perfume, it seems that Paco Rabanne has brought out his old demons from the closet! Indeed, the creator has always been very daring. It is not the first time, far from it, that Paco Rabanne has played the erotic card. This time, he seems to have clearly made a similarity between the word “XS” (Excess) and “Sex”. This new perfume plays the card of sensuality and this is affirmed directly in the advertising for this juice. The message could not be clearer and Pure XS seems to have been made to turn women’s heads with a single breath! The clip does not exceed 45 seconds but is more than enough to raise the temperature! This reveals a handsome young man, his torso naked, moving in his bathroom. Observed with discretion from all sides, through paintings or tinted mirrors, in spite of himself, he entices many admiring women. He even ends up unbuttoning his pants and spraying himself with Pure XS. The spectacle then seems to be too intense. In a crisis of general hysteria, women eventually pass out!

The composition of the new Pure XS

Obviously, this new juice, as attractive as it is, would be nothing without a recipe that lives up to its ambitions. But here again, the erotic and carnal side resurfaces. Pure XS has placed ginger at the heart of its composition. This aphrodisiac ingredient from India and China delivers a spicy, soapy and peppery smell here. It is counterbalanced by the presence of myrrh, an ancient resin with a humid, spicy and deceptively sweet smell. The scent of the whole is somewhat reminiscent of liquorice or anise. Vanilla still coats everything with a sweet and sensual scent. Finally, woody notes take over to underline the virility of this new juice. Everything is delivered to us in a bottle that is both massive and refined. This container consists of an imposing block of glass cut in multiple facets. Graduated in dark and bluish shades, it indirectly plunges us into the nocturnal universe. After all, isn’t that where all fantasies come true?

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