PerfumePure Musc, the new fragrance For Her Narciso Rodriguez

Pure Musc, the new fragrance For Her Narciso Rodriguez


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Pure Musc, the new fragrance For Her Narciso Rodriguez
Pure Musc, the new fragrance For Her Narciso Rodriguez

For Her Pure Musc, Narciso Rodriguez takes us on a journey to the origins of femininity

It was in 2003 that the creator Narciso Rodriguez decided to invite himself into the world of perfumers, creating an infinitely elegant and sensual essence, as if directly inspired by his love for women. Presented in a bottle with a pink heart, the For Her perfume instantly made a name for itself and still proves to be one of the greatest creations of female perfumery today. This time, Narciso Rodriguez has decided to highlight its main ingredient, musk, in a new edition that is more refined and sensual than ever. How about going to meet the new woman Narciso Rodriguez? Its fragrance is in its image and is called For Her Pure Musc.

Who is the new woman wearing For Her Pure Musc?

Let’s start by introducing you to the new wife of Narciso Rodriguez, carrier of the latest perfume For Her Pure Musc. On screen, she is embodied by the young Dutch model Julia Bergshoeff, emblematic figure of the brand, and chosen for her unique personality, expressing at a glance contemporary femininity according to Narciso Rodriguez, halfway between simplicity and refinement. Indeed, the woman who wears For Her Pure Musc is devoid of any superfluous. She shows herself to everyone as she is, and thus takes us to the very origins of femininity. For Her Pure Musc is a new homage paid to women, in their greatest universality. Through this perfume, Narciso Rodriguez writes them a new dedication of love and gratitude.

Narciso Rodriguez chooses a very contrasting bottle

To mark its belonging to the great Narciso Rodriguez family, For Her Pure Musc is displayed in a bottle with a silhouette well known to the public, identical to that of its predecessors. Here again, the choice of this bottle is not trivial and fits perfectly to the universe of the creator. For Her Pure Musk is devoid of any superfluous detail. Its glass cube goes straight to the point and displays an infinitely design and timeless style. Despite its 15 years of existence, the For Her Pure Musc bottle remains perfectly trendy. He nevertheless exchanged his colors of yesteryear for an assemblage of white and black, of light and dark,… Thus, this contrast perfectly materializes all the duality of the woman, sometimes candid but also more mysterious and impertinent.

Musk as a central ingredient in this new fragrance

As the name of this perfume suggests, musk is at the center of its composition . It must be said that it has always been the signature of the For Her collection. Here, he is more pure and seductive. Its precious heart is surrounded by an infinitely luminous floral bouquet. Jasmine mingles with orange blossom, while softening with cashmere. For Her Pure Musc finally ends with a duo of amber and patchouli. The recipe for this new fragrance is signed by the talented perfumer Sonia Constant.

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