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BrandPrestige Edition J'adore L'Or

Prestige Edition J’adore L’Or


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Prestige Edition J'adore L'Or
Prestige Edition J’adore L’Or

J’Adore L’Or Prestige, when Dior pushes luxury to its limits

Whether it is to celebrate an important anniversary or on the occasion of special holidays, luxury brands are constantly competing in ingenuity to sublimate their most famous perfumes. Thus, many of them have already dared to experience prestigious editions. At the end of 2016, the Dior brand announced the upcoming release of a luxurious version of the iconic J’Adore . Prepare to welcome J’Adore L’Or Prestige, a fragrance exclusively for millionaires!

The sumptuous bottle of J’Adore L’Or Prestige

If J’Adore L’Or Prestige has retained its iconic fragrance, it is surprisingly beautiful thanks to its bottle. Over the years, many have tried to revisit the famous bottle of J’Adore perfume. This time, it was the artistic director of Dior jewelry, Victoire de Castellan, who had the difficult task of meeting the challenge. The latter began her career at Chanel alongside Karl Lagarfeld before being recruited by the house of Dior in 1998.

An emblematic figure in jewelry, it has been exhibited many times in the largest art spaces in the world. Also, she seems to sign here one of her most prestigious works. She explains then that for her, “a perfume is the expression of sensuality”. It is therefore precisely on this concept that she relied to create the new bottle of J’Adore L’Or Prestige. It was created in one of the best French jewelry studios. This luxury bottle is the work of an extraordinary technique and alone brings together dark silver and pink gold. These two precious metals face each other on a ribbon. They underline all the contrasts of the fragrance contained within this case.

As if to sublimate the whole, the set is decorated with 10 pear-shaped diamonds and 30 round cut diamonds. Of course, this bottle is made of Baccarat crystal and thus reveals the amber color of the juice it contains by reflecting the light.

The essence enclosed in this exceptional bottle

The first version of the J’Adore perfume was created in 1999 by Calice Becker. However, it is not exactly this which is contained in the bottle of J’Adore L’Or Prestige. This contains its 2010 version called J’Adore L’Or. This juice is a floral concentrate made from precious flowers. Thus, its raw materials are almost at the height of its luxurious visual. J’Adore L’Or Prestige also contains rose and Grasse jasmine, the contours of which are enveloped in warmer notes. J’Adore L’Or Prestige then lets a wind of patchouli, amber, tonka bean and Tahitian vanilla blow behind it.

However, even if this perfume is already mouth watering, it should be noted that it will only be published in five copies worldwide. You will understand, it will therefore be worth a small fortune … Count all the same 100,000 €. But after all, when we love, don’t we say that we don’t count?

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