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BrandPrada perfume L'Homme Prada

Prada perfume L’Homme Prada


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Prada perfume L'Homme Prada
Prada perfume L’Homme Prada

Since always, and through each of its creations, Prada portrays us the image of a complex and multifaceted man. You only have to see the brand’s Spring / Summer 2016 couture show to realize this. Men adopt a look that is both sporty and relaxed while being refined. They do not hesitate to juxtapose sets of different prints and unexpected overlays. Also, it is precisely this diversity and this duality of their character that is offered to us through the new essence of the Prada house . Prada L’Homme will soon make its appearance and promises to enchant you with its classic modernity and elegant relaxation.

The mythical couples of Prada

If perfumery was for a very long time a domain reserved for women, this trend has evolved today. In addition, at the beginning of the last century, men hardly perfumed themselves except with the help of Colognes, a habit that has changed a lot if we are to believe the extent of the men’s perfume department today. Also, brands seem to have understood this development well and today systematically coincide the release of a female juice with its male counterpart. It is therefore in this logic that many olfactory couples are formed.

Moreover, this has become customary within the Prada house. We remember in particular the release of the iconic Prada Amber for women in 2004 and its male sidekick, Amber pour Homme in 2006. Similarly, Infusion d’Iris from 2007 was soon followed by Infusion d’Homme. in 2008. However, it has been a few years since Prada gave us a legendary couple. This is now done thanks to the appearance of Prada L’Homme and La Femme Prada . These two new juices are perfect counterparts. They are a fragrant “pair of equals” representing the man and woman who have “come together in an identical vision.

As Prada explains, “She could be him, he could be her. She is an absolute woman, he is an absolute man. There is not an obvious definition of their relationship. They could be lovers, friends, or even strangers. Both have multiple identities.

The modern classicism of Prada L’Homme

Also, it is a vision of contemporary and modern man that Prada offers us this time. However, L ‘Homme Prada is a juice that consists of fairly classic ingredients . In addition, it is clearly dominated by the presence of amber, a key element of the Prada brand and a fetish raw material for Muccia Prada, granddaughter of the founder of the brand.

This is accompanied by one of the most noble products there is: the iris. This luxurious flower is one of the most expensive elements of the entire perfumer’s palette and displays many contrasts. Its scent is at the same time powdery, linear and tenacious. All this is accompanied by the luminosity of neroli. Likewise, the geranium here deploys all its elegance while accompanying it with a more spicy touch. Finally, Prada L’Homme ends with more intensity thanks to the addition of patchouli to its wake.

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