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PerfumePop Matte Lip Colour de Clinique

Pop Matte Lip Colour de Clinique


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Pop Matte Lip Color by Clinique
Pop Matte Lip Color by Clinique

Pop Matte Lip Color by Clinique, the new way to reveal your smile

Clinique is a brand specializing in cosmetics which has devoted its entire history to taking care of the skin. In this case, each of the brand’s products is developed in conjunction with doctors. Also, Clinique also applies this strategy when it comes to makeup. The idea is above all to put on makeup while taking care of your skin over the long term. To do this, each of the brand’s eyeshadows and masquerades is ophthalmologically tested. Each foundation acts to permanently correct fine lines, redness and pigment spots. Likewise, each lipstick is particularly moisturizing and nourishing. Also, this is precisely the case with the new Pop Matte Lip Color.

The mattifying color of Clinique’s new lipstick

This is not the first time that Clinique has gratified its clients with the appearance of a new lipstick. Indeed, already in 2015, Clinique amazed the fairer sex by unveiling its Lip Color lipstick matched with its Primer Pop base.. The latter embodied the best we can expect in terms of makeup. In addition, it was a lipstick with intense color, easy application, a comfortable formula or a non-greasy texture … What is more, the latter was embellished. of a perfecting base making the lips smoother and the rouge easier to apply. Well, it seems that Clinique is directly inspired by this first feat to develop a brand new derivative: Pop Matte Lip Color. This lipstick is particularly intense, voluptuous and rich in color. It brings together 16 absolutely vibrant and ultra pigmented shades to color your lips with a retro color, particularly matte and with exemplary coverage. Its long-lasting hold withstands all tests for eight hours. Likewise, its shine does not diminish over the course of the day. Much more than just makeup, the Pop Matte Lip Color lipstick is a real cosmetic feat.

The treatment integrated into the Pop Matte Lip Color

Qui plus est, le Pop Matte Lip Colour s’agrémente d’une base lissante 2 en 1. En effet, comme chaque produit de la maison Clinique, Pop Matte Lip Colour ne se contente pas de faire resplendir votre bouche à l’instant même de son application. Il contribue également à sa beauté dans le temps et rend votre peau plus belle au fil de ses utilisations. En outre, ces deux produits nourrissent et prennent soin de vos lèvres tout au long de la journée. Ils possèdent une formule enrichie en polymères associée aux beurres de Shea et de Murmuru. Ainsi, vos lèvres sont immédiatement hydratées et affichent une texture plus lisse. Qui plus est, cela contribue également à mieux faire accrocher le rouge à lèvres et à en faire durer la tenue. Enfin, pour la petite astuce, sachez que le fait de déposer un peu de fond de teint au préalable sur vos lèvres permet encore accentuer l’impact couleur de votre Pop Matte Lip Colour de Clinique.

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