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MakeupLip MakeupPhyto Lèvres Perfect, the lip liner by Sisley

Phyto Lèvres Perfect, the lip liner by Sisley


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Phyto Lèvres Perfect, the lip liner by Sisley
Phyto Lèvres Perfect, the lip liner by Sisley

Phyto Lèvres Perfect, the soft and precise lip liner from Sisley

Sisley was founded in 1976 and quickly caught a crowd with its innovative formulas, often made from plants. Sisley started out making beauty creams, some of which are still favorites in the skincare world today. Little by little, Sisley then developed his know-how to win the world of perfumery and make-up. Nevertheless, his know-how for creating care is never far away. Thus, each of Sisley’s makeup products contains many benefits for the skin. The Phyto Lèvres Perfect is not left out. This is a lip liner with a creamy texture, ultra slippery and very easy to apply.

The return of the lip liner

The lip liner has been forgotten for several years. Indeed, it suffered from a bad reputation linked to a trend of the 90s. Remember: back then, the fashion was to put together a dark lip liner and a lighter lipstick. Today, this trend is totally outdated. The lip liner is now simply used to improve the hold of your lipstick and to draw a more precise outline of your mouth. It should therefore be chosen the same color as your lipstick. With this new notoriety, it is available on the shelves of all the biggest beauty brands. Sisley’s Phyto Lèvres Perfect is one of the most beautiful references on the market today.

The benefits of Phyto Lèvres Perfect

Sisley’s Phyto Lips Perfect has many advantages. Its face is both firm, to achieve a precise but tender line, and slippery so as not to irritate the skin. Its application is child’s play! Its formula is also enriched with many natural active ingredients that take care of your mouth. Kokum butter and Phytosqualane are used to nourish and hydrate your skin. This makes your mouth feel much more comfortable. Likewise, this flexibility is further amplified by the presence of aloe vera and jojoba oil. The Phyto Lèvres Perfect has incredible adhesion and hold. Its color is very pigmented and allows an application worthy of the greatest professionals. For more convenience, know that the Phyto Lèvres Perfect is presented in a pencil whose body is the same color as that of its lead. On one side of this tool, the pencil is used to make up the lips. On the other, his small brush is used to blend the color.

How to apply Phyto Lèvres Perfect?

Sisley’s Phyto Lèvres Perfect is very easy to apply, following the natural contour of your lips. If necessary, do not hesitate to also pencil the inside of your mouth before applying your lipstick. This will only intensify its color and strengthen its hold. In this case, don’t forget to use the small brush to evenly blend the color of the pencil all over your mouth. The Phyto Lèvres Perfect will then offer you a perfectly defined smile, with a satin and luminous finish.

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