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PerfumePerfume for children Le Bébé de Jacadi

Perfume for children Le Bébé de Jacadi


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Perfume for children Le Bébé de Jacadi
Perfume for children Le Bébé de Jacadi

Jacadi Baby Care Water, the sweetness of a perfume for the little ones

With its 272 boutiques spread over 36 countries, the Jacadi brand is a true flagship of French elegance. Created in 1976, this brand specializes in ready-to-wear for children. Nevertheless, relying on its notoriety, it also diversified its activities, gaining the leather goods, accessories and perfume sector. Each of Jacadi’s creations combines refinement and modernity. The Eau de Soin Jacadi Baby is fully consistent with this philosophy. As its name suggests, it is a product intended for the little ones, which perfumes them while taking care of their skin.

What is Eau de Soin?

Eaux de Soin are fairly recent in the beauty products sector, much more so than classic perfumes. Indeed, they benefit from a very advanced know-how in cosmetology. They are the result of constant research and do not stop at scenting the skin. Baby Care Eaux are hybrid formulas halfway between skincare and perfumery. On the one hand, they contain many fragrant products that roam the body and deposit a succulent scent. On the other hand, they also contain nourishing and moisturizing agents that sublimate the skin day by day. Jacadi Baby Care Water was designed precisely this way. Made from 90% natural ingredients, it is hypoallergenic. Very respectful of baby’s sensitive skin, it contains moisturizing active ingredients, thermal water and panthenol. Finally, Jacadi Baby Care Water does not contain alcohol. Therefore, it does not dry out the skin and does not cause any risk of irritation.

The fresh and limpid scent of Le Bébé Jacadi

In a single pass, Eau de Soin Bébé perfumes, moisturizes and comforts the epidermis. It leaves a succulent airy and floral scent there that will delight the little ones as well as their parents. Jacadi Baby Care Water first takes off with a fresh and luminous scent of bergamot and freesia. Then, its heart skilfully mixes orange blossom and jasmine for a more solar effect. Finally, Jacadi Baby Care Water is based on a softer trail of musk and sesame. This is something to make your mouth water!

A perfume for babies, a good or a bad idea?

However, some parents will say that their baby’s smell is naturally the most pleasant in the world. Is ! However, using a baby perfume is not without interest. First of all, it must be recognized that newborns are often subject to small parasitic odors such as that of perspiration or reflux of milk. Jacadi Baby Care Water helps to camouflage these natural odors and to crack all around baby! In addition, it introduces the little ones to the olfactory world and stimulates their sensory sensors. Finally, Jacadi Baby Care Water will be an excellent and original birth gift.

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