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PerfumePatchouli N'Roses, the new breath of Reminiscence

Patchouli N’Roses, the new breath of Reminiscence


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Patchouli N'Roses, the new feminine breath of Reminiscence
Patchouli N’Roses, the new feminine breath of Reminiscence

Thanks to its suave, sweet, rich and opulent scent, the rose is undoubtedly one of the most used flowers in perfumery. She alone embodies femininity, refinement and romanticism. Also, it has been used in healing rituals since Antiquity. It is therefore this ingredient that Réminiscence wanted to place at the center of its new fragrance. The brand has now reappropriated its famous Patchouli fragrance and made it a concentrate of absolute femininity. Patchouli N’Roses enters the scene and already promises to bewitch you with its intriguing and sensual exoticism. It follows on from the previous variation launched a year ago, namely: Patchouli Blanc .

The reinterpretation of the legendary Patchouli of Reminiscence

Before being a perfume, patchouli is a raw material which in itself evokes dreams, escape and mystery. What is more, it symbolizes all the hippie current of the 70s. Indeed, the cool babes of the time particularly appreciated its exotic scents and made patchouli the emblematic perfume of the Woodstock festival. This unusual ingredient is the very embodiment of travel, freedom and distant horizons. It is all at the same time: fascination and magic, the quintessential bohemian smell.

Also, when Réminiscence decided to make a perfume of it in 1970, the brand did not expect to meet such success. Moreover, the craze for this juice has never really wavered. This is why, in recent years, the Réminiscence brand has been revisiting it. Patchouli was thus reinterpreted in a men’s version in 2000. Then, it was not until 2007 to see it become lighter in a Patchouli L’Eau version. Likewise, the most recent White Patchouli of 2015 displayed an unusual purity. Also, in this year 2016, this large family is growing a little further and this time emphasizes femininity with the arrival of Patchouli N’Roses.

Patchouli N’Roses, a perfume signed by Fabrice Pellegrin

In order to create this highly addictive scent, Réminiscence called on perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin. He admits to being particularly attracted by the work of natural raw materials, whether woody, spicy or amber. Thus, reclaiming Patchouli was child’s play for him. This perfume lover is particularly known for his daring combined with immense refinement. Also, this is precisely what we find in the new Patchouli N’Roses juice.. As its name suggests, this one retains its yesteryear patchouli note. Nevertheless, this deep and tenacious ingredient is nuanced here by the floral elegance of the rose. Likewise, for more intensity and sensuality, Patchouli N’Roses ends with a wake letting an animal breath of musk float behind it.

As usual, Patchouli N’Roses is contained in a rectangular box. This has sharp edges but a slightly curved front face. The whole is surmounted by a cube as a cabochon. However, its lacquering today is very different from that of the past. Entirely white, it is synonymous with absolute purity. Only her upper left corner is tinted with pink and burgundy, colors that already suggest the extent of her femininity.

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