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PerfumePatchouli N'Roses, a scent of unforgettable exoticism

Patchouli N’Roses, a scent of unforgettable exoticism


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Patchouli N'Roses, an unforgettable momentum of exoticism
Patchouli N’Roses, an unforgettable momentum of exoticism

The story of the Réminiscence brand is first of all a story of love and passion. In the 1970s, Zoé Coste and Nino Amaddeo sold jewelry in an old shop located on King’s Road Boulevard in England. Their creations are inspired by the trips they make in the East and India. It was therefore in London, rocked by the hippie movement and the smell of patchouli that the story of Réminiscence began. In 1970, Réminiscence presented its first fragrance, simply named “Patchouli”. In 2016, it is a variation that the brand offers with “Patchouli N’Roses” .

Patchouli, the DNA of the house Réminiscence

Patchouli is an aromatic plant. It is mainly found in Malaysia, China and also in India. Patchouli has a woody, earthy, damp, camphoric, even dusty odor. Patchouli made its debut in perfumery in the mid-19th century. At that time the cashmere shawls that came from India were wrapped in patchouli leaves to fight against moths. It is in fact this smell which attracted the ladies, and the patchouli quickly became an opportunity to perfume oneself and also for the women, a weapon of seduction. Patchouli was also the emblem of hippies during the 1970s.

It has been associated with the new definition of love, sensuality, sexual freedom. With “Patchouli” released in 1970, the Réminiscence brand wanted to pay tribute to the hippie years, more mainly to freedom. It is as if the brand had wanted to reclaim this cult flavor, now very popular with perfumers. Because patchouli is inevitably associated with the beginnings of the brand, it will forever remain an indelible imprint, a very special DNA.

The rose at the heart of the composition of Patchouli N’Roses

Patchouli N’Roses is considered a racy fragrance with a modern signature. It is the perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, known for his oriental floral compositions, who is at the origin of “Patchouli N’Roses”. This one presents an addictive fragrance filled with Damanesca roses and is in line with “Flower Power”. “Patchouli N’Roses” will then unveil itself in its most floral facet, enhanced by a high concentration of white musks conferring a delicate sensuality. “Patchouli N’Roses” is contained in a sleek bottle. Rectangular, it nevertheless displays rounded angles, for more softness. Its face is curved and represents roses tinged with violet and purple colors, which evoke scents that flutter in the air. The whole is topped with an opaque white square cabochon,

After the success of “Patchouli” in 1970, Réminiscence presents “Patchouli N’Roses”, a variation filled with Damanesca roses. Because patchouli represented the hippie years and the beginning of the brand, it has become a cult scent for Reminiscence, like DNA inseparable from its skin. Between patchouli, roses and white musks, Réminiscence once again offers an explosion of scents.

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