PerfumeMen's PerfumePaco Rabanne presents his new athlete: Invictus Victory!

Paco Rabanne presents his new athlete: Invictus Victory!


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Paco Rabanne presents his new athlete: Invictus Victory!
Paco Rabanne presents his new athlete: Invictus Victory!

Renowned couturier , Paco Rabanne sets himself apart from his peers by his boundless daring and his desire to emancipate men and women. Renowned for his radical modernity, he does not hesitate to develop unexpected creations, in his fashion as in his perfumery. Paco Rabanne often delivers new visionary fragrances to us. Thus was born Invictus, in 2013. Symbol of the conqueror and victorious man, it gained instant success. Since then, it remains the undisputed bestseller of Paco Rabanne. Today, he reinvents himself again and gives birth to Invictus Victory.

The evolution of Paco Rabanne’s Invictus perfume

Invictus was initially a woody and aromatic juice, enclosing in its breath a very marine freshness. Then, this juice was reinvented several times. It first became Invictus Intense, in 2016, using a touch of whiskey associated with an orange blossom as well as a savory accord. In 2018, he delivered a much fresher aroma, based on violet, called Invictus Acqua. The following year, in 2019, Invictus Intense relied on an aromatic, spicy and salty facet. So what about Paco Rabanne’s new masculine scent, Invictus Victory?

Invictus Victory, a fresh and sensual fragrance

Invictus Victory raises the heat one step further. Powerful and contrasting, it is a perfect marriage between freshness and sensuality. For this, it departs from the marine accords of the original composition of Paco Rabanne from 2013. On the other hand, it preserves its freshness, while moving towards other more aromatic and sweet raw materials. First, Invictus Victory combines the freshness of citrus fruits with the warmth of spices. For this, he combines lemon with pink pepper. Then, the incense lets a part of mystery float on its heart notes. Its aromatic facet comes from lavender. Little by little, Invictus Victory blossoms in a sweeter register. It ends with a trio of amber, tonka bean and vanilla.

The return of Paco Rabanne’s famous trophy bottle

On the bottle side, Invictus Victory remains faithful to the aesthetics of its predecessors and to the art of Paco Rabanne in terms of misappropriation of objects. More concretely, it takes the form of a cup. With a solid seat and handles, it is both very aesthetic and ergonomic. Its cap, meanwhile, incorporates a spray spray. On the other hand, unlike its predecessors, Invictus Victory abandons the bluish color in favor of a darker and manly black. Likewise, a golden V is now displayed on its front face, to further symbolize the victory of this renowned athlete!

Invictus Victory is the scent of a strong and athletic man, not hesitating to surpass himself to achieve his goals. With him, defeat is not an option. Only performance, surpassing oneself and above all victory count!

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