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BrandGivenchyOur opinion on Gentlemen Only Absolute

Our opinion on Gentlemen Only Absolute


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Our opinion on Gentlemen Only Absolute
Our opinion on Gentlemen Only Absolute

The ultimate elegance of Gentlemen Only Absolute by Givenchy

This is not the first time that Givenchy has fun portraying us the image of a gentleman. On the contrary, the brand seems to have made this its real leitmotif. Each of her fragrances is thought of as a seducer, both nonchalant and sure of himself, in other words, a ladies’ man ready to make anyone who crosses his path succumb. Also, the new Gentlemen Only Absolute seems to be just one last side of this irresistible man. Gentlemen Only Absolute is a harmonious fragrance in every way in which every detail has been thought out to charm us.

The very elaborate scent of Gentlemen Only Absolute

Like every perfume from the Givenchy brand, Gentlemen Only Absolute is intended for very refined and elegant men. It opens with a real concentrate of freshness based on bergamot, a fruit that is both sweet and invigorating without becoming bitter. Then, its tangy aspect is transformed and becomes, in its heart, more spicy. Moreover, it is at this moment that Gentlemen Only Absolute becomes particularly luxurious. Indeed, it contains saffron, a spice otherwise called “red gold” and whose exorbitant price can reach up to 45,000 € per kilo! This is accompanied for the occasion by cinnamon and nutmeg. All of this wonderfully reflects the image we have of the Givenchy man. This one is both endowed with an innate elegance without lacking in daring. Finally, the scent of Gentlemen Only Absolute ends with more softness. The sandalwood releases its milky and creamy scents while the vanilla sublimates the whole with its suave breath.

Givenchy and its perfume designed like a costume

Also, if its scent is particularly neat, it must be recognized that the bottle of Gentlemen Only Absolute has also been particularly worked. In fact, this one is made like a costume from the Givenchy house. It is displayed in a particularly modern matte black shade. What’s more, black is arguably the most understated and elegant color there is. Its name is then affixed on a label placed in its center of burgundy red color. This is underlined with white dotted lines giving the effect of a topstitching. Thus, Gentlemen Only Absolute appears as on the inside label of a Givenchy garment. It thus becomes the perfect complement to the house’s couture line.

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