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BrandGuerlainOud Essentiel, the new Absolu d'Orient from Guerlain

Oud Essentiel, the new Absolu d’Orient from Guerlain


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Oud Essentiel, the new Absolu d'Orient from Guerlain
Oud Essentiel, the new Absolu d’Orient from Guerlain

In 2016, the house of Guerlain had made a name for itself by developing an exceptional perfume called Amber Eternal. This one joined the collection of the Absolus d’Orient. Following on from this fragrance, Guerlain now presents Oud Essentiel. This unisex juice is offered to us in limited distribution and highlights one of the most precious woods used in perfumery. Marketed in a 125 ml bottle, this one already promises to enchant you with its mysterious and madly sensual aura.

Guerlain’s Absolus d’Orient collection

The Absolus d’Orient collection pays tribute to exotic and noble raw materials in perfumery. Thus, through this assortment of fragrances, Guerlain takes us on a journey. These essences are promises of escape. Guerlain has already created a succession of Santal Royal and Ambre Eternal perfumes . From now on, it is the turn of oud wood to serve as a source of inspiration.

A very popular material in the East, it is also one of the most expensive. Moreover, its price sometimes even exceeds that of gold. The oud leaves behind a woody, leathery and animal trail. Very popular with initiates, the oud has also been used for centuries for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Thus, the new perfume from Guerlain has a universal and timeless scope. If this raw material has been ignored by perfumers for many years, it has been of interest to this sector for some time. It is therefore quite natural that Guerlain turned to this wood to make this new exceptional perfume.

The bewitching fragrance of Oud Essentiel

Oud Essentiel is an essence that we owe to the talented perfumer from the Guerlain house: Thierry Wasser. Occupying this position since 2008, he greatly contributes to spreading the image of this brand throughout the entire planet. This time, he chose to sublimate the oud wood with a combination of spices, flowers and leather. Oud Essentiel takes off with a scent of saffron. Once again, through this choice of ingredients, Guerlain affirms its prestigious image. Indeed, saffron is also called “red gold”. This spice is also one of the most expensive in the world. The rose then takes its place at the heart of this essence. It brings here more nobility and gradually gives way to a more woody trail.

This contains cedar and guaiac wood. Leather, on the other hand, brings more animality to this perfume. Finally, Oud Essentiel is still coated with incense, revealing a more mysterious side. Like each of the essences in this collection, this one is presented to us in a cylindrical bottle entirely lacquered in black. Inspired by the silhouette of Guerlain’s legendary bee bottle, it intensifies its share of mystery more than ever and instantly plunges us into a very oriental universe. Thus, its label is dotted with numerous arabesques and its golden color only gives more chic to its visual.

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