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Beauty CareFace careOREXCELLENCE: Décléor presents its new range

OREXCELLENCE: Décléor presents its new range


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Décléor presents its new Orexcellence range
Décléor presents its new Orexcellence range

The Décléor brand is a key player in cosmetics . In this case, it is the world’s leading aromatherapy brand and continues to conquer the planet with the impeccable quality of its products. In this case, it has acquired over 35 years of expertise and incorporates the best of nature into its products. Also, in this year 2016, and more particularly in October, a whole new range of care products dedicated to the skin of women over 50 will be launched. The Orexcellence range consists of five regenerating products. Its ambition is to reveal the natural beauty of your skin and to preserve it over time. The latter reveals the expression of your beauty and offers a lasting radiance to your skin.

The natural active ingredients contained in the Orexcellence range

In order to sublimate your skin, Décléor has incorporated many natural components into its formulas. Each of them delivers particular benefits and thus makes your skin more radiant, dense and toned over the course of their applications.

Magnolia gives them a soft, fresh and lemony scent while delivering its calming and relaxing properties. What is more, it has an anti-inflammatory skin power which makes it an ingredient particularly recognized in cosmetology. Peony, for its part, has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it helps to fight against the swelling of the eyelids. Likewise, it is an excellent antioxidant which helps fight aging of the skin. Lychee also reinforces this effect and has the property of dilating blood vessels. Thus, it facilitates the purification of the blood and the cells of the epidermis. In addition, it has many minerals such as potassium and magnesium. Thus, it strengthens the tone of the skin and is a major ally for blood circulation. Likewise,

The different treatments present in the Orexcellence range from Décléor

This Orexcellence range then consists of 5 specific treatments. The Eye Youth Care is particularly dedicated to the eye area. Indeed, it is a very fragile area of ​​the face which is often called upon by the repetitive movements of our eyelids. Thus, it should be taken care of day after day. Likewise, Décléor Youth Night Balm helps to take care of the skin at the most opportune moment: at night. Indeed, it is at this moment that it regenerates best. In addition, the Concentrated Youth Cream as well as the Youth Oil Serum of the range provide a real booster effect. Their benefits are instantly visible and increase with each application. All of these treatments can be applied daily and help make the epidermis more radiant over the long term. Furthermore, the use of these can be supplemented by a Youth mask. This should ideally rest on the skin for ten minutes and should be applied once or twice a week.

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