PerfumeOrchid Soleil, the new Tom Ford companion

Orchid Soleil, the new Tom Ford companion


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Orchid Soleil, the new Tom Ford companion
Orchid Soleil, the new Tom Ford companion

Tom Ford is a talented designer and a visionary at heart who has never ceased to evolve the world of luxury, haute couture and perfumery. Moreover, he did not hesitate to declare: “I want to create the first true luxury brand of the 21st century. This is how he succeeded in creating a succession of ever more innovative and refined creations. In this continuity, he presents us this time a new juice intended for the summer season. Orchid Soleil should therefore see the light of day by July 2016.

The very elaborate olfactory composition of Tom Ford

Obviously, as the name of Orchid Soleil suggests, this one is a perfume mainly sewn around the orchid. However, it actually displays a complex recipe revealing the beauty of multiple ingredients. Orchid Soleil is immediately heckled by the assertive personality of pink pepper. This spice is associated here with the zesty acidity of bitter orange. Likewise, the cypress immediately brings a more woody, aromatic and camphoric content to the whole. Then, Orchid Soleil turns to a more floral heart. The red lily reveals all its power, showing itself in turn green, suave, spicy or sunny. Tuberose, for its part, is more heady, fruity and luminous. Finally, Orchid Soleil is gradually moving towards a smoother background. Vanilla develops suave, leathery and animal accents. Patchouli, meanwhile, leaves behind camphoric, woody and humid scents. This intensity is nevertheless softened by the presence of chestnut and whipped cream. Finally, it is at this moment that the orchid comes to close the turn of its floral and delicate touch.

The refined aesthetic of Orchid Soleil

On the bottle side, Orchid Soleil was very strongly inspired by the look of its elder brother, Black Orchid, a fragrance that appeared in 2006 and particularly emblematic for the brand given that it was the brand’s first essence. This one however exchanged its black hue for more copper tones. Nevertheless, the whole is still very elegant and refined, worthy of all the perfection of the Tom Ford house. The look of this case is designed in a very Art Deco trend. Everything is worked with the greatest care, from the delicacy of its fluted glass to its hand-tied lace at its collar or its 23-carat gold-plated inscription directly on its glass. Undeniably, Orchid Soleil is seen as the epitome of the Tom Ford spirit .

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