PerfumeMen's PerfumeOne Million, the luxurious fragrance of Paco Rabanne

One Million, the luxurious fragrance of Paco Rabanne


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One Million, the luxurious fragrance of Paco Rabanne
One Million, the luxurious fragrance of Paco Rabanne

“Whatever the religions and civilizations, gold has never ceased to seduce man” says Paco Rabanne. Also, gold seems to be a real common thread in the creations of the house since the couturier had even created a dress made entirely of this noble material. One Million is a bit like the scent of seduction and fantasy . It embodies the desire of men and, paradoxically, we offer you this ingot cheaper than anywhere else. Also, since its creation in 2008, One Million has kept its prestige intact and is undeniably one of the best-sellers of the house of Paco Rabanne.

The opulence of One Million

Gold is arguably the most sought-after metal in the world. Since its discovery, man has never stopped using it, both to make currency, jewelry, works of art, and even ingots. This material undeniably possesses an unalterable beauty and men covet it almost as much, if not more, than a god. It seems borrowing from an eternal beauty and does not cease to stir up all the desires. Also, Paco Rabanne has therefore decided to use it and at the same time reaffirms his undeniable game of seduction. The One Million man is like a modern day hero covering himself with treasure and fanning the imaginations of pretty girls. All he needs to do is snap his fingers to get anything he wants. His masculinity is only reinforced and the gold seems to become the mirror of his ego.

Also, the bottle of One Million could not be clearer. It’s just simple but effective. Indeed, what could be more representative of strength and opulence than an ingot? The golden metal frame with which this case is covered gives it an incomparable shine. The One Million bottle is particularly stylish and its clean lines inspire great strength. With this perfume, Paco Rabanne decided to impose it and the public was immediately at the rendezvous when it was released.

Paco Rabanne delivers a fragrance as luminous as gold

One Million is the result of the work of three talented perfumers, namely Christophe Raynaud, Olivier Pescheux and Michel Girard. Its start is instantly sparkling. The top notes are very fresh and awaken the senses. Also, grapefruit combines with blood mandarin and mint to deliver an energizing breath from its start. The heart of One Million, on the other hand, is much more intense. It consists of rose absolute, neroli and cinnamon. The sensuality then contrasts with the virility and the essence of Paco Rabanne remains particularly refined. Finally, the background is more velvety. Leather, white wood, patchouli and amber create a lingering effect and a very sensual trail.

Aussi, le lancement de One Million en 2008 fut très remarqué, notamment pour sa cohérence d’ensemble, tant sur le plan de la communication que de la fragrance. Le succès fut tel qu’il se classa n°1 des ventes seulement un an après sa sortie. Qui plus est, les fans de la première heure semblent être toujours là puisque les ventes de ce produit phare de Paco Rabanne ne s’essoufflent pas un instant. Alors, aujourd’hui, nous vous le proposons pour moins cher… Une offre pareille sur un lingot d’or, ça ne se refuse pas !

L’équivalent au féminin de 1 Million est sans conteste Lady Million, mais Paco Rabanne vient de sortir cette année un féminin qui fait déjà beaucoup parler de lui : OLYMPEA.

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